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How AI Will Transform This Century

How AI Will Transform This Century

We’ve all heard about it– robots will take over the world sometime this century. While it might sound a bit scary to hear, it’s not going to be anything like in the movies where robots conquer humans and rule the world.

Robot technology, or popularly known as Artificial Intelligence (AI), has been delved into by many research organizations. For instance, tech solutions company Nix Solutions have already been researching on the many ways AI will impact technology and our daily lives as we speak. In fact, Nix Solutions predicts that by 2025, AI in the medical healthcare world will reach $19.3 billion.

Aside from that, how else can AI improve our daily lives?


In some of the sci-fi movies we watch, we see that cars can drive entirely by themselves without the control of the driver. While this concept may seem foreign and even farfetched to most of us, it actually won’t be too long before it actually happens. In fact, it seems like Audi has already planned to present a self driving car by 2020, which is two years from now. Of course, other developers are also on the case. Thus, we can expect cars to be automated pretty soon from now.

Climate Change

It may seem like a long shot, but researchers are creating AI that can store and analyze hordes of data that can spot trends in climate change. The information provided by the AI can then be used intelligently to come up with solutions that can be implemented in the future.

Robot Assistants

Robot assistants will definitely be very helpful because they can address the limitations of human assistants. This doesn’t mean that humans will be completely replaced. There still has to be someone to program and to “teach” the robot what commands to do. Robot assistants will be very useful for elder care, cyborg tech, and even as robo-friends.

Cyborg Body Parts

Another way that AI can impact the world is in the medical world. By installing cyborg limbs and body parts on amputees, they will have an easier time doing their everyday activities. Researchers are planning to make cyborg parts that can also be controlled by the brain just like regular body parts.


We can also expect a more effective security systems with AI. AI is capable of big data analysis which can enable investigation teams to access relevant information that can help stop crimes before they happen. We’ll also see AI taking over extremely dangerous jobs with humans controlling them. Some of these jobs include bomb defusing and handling toxic substances.


AI technology is slowly making its presence felt. We can see controlled drones, computer androids that can answer back when you chat with them, and even a few actual robots from Japan. Sophia the robot has even gained citizenship in Saudi Arabia already. With all the hype that goes around about AI, we’ll definitely see them more in the following years.

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