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How Alcoholism Affects Our Lives?

How Alcoholism Affects Our Lives?

It all starts with a single sip, and this can occur at any given point in life despite your age. Additionally, alcohol is not restricted to a certain gender, race or profession. As time passes, people who drink on a regular basis may at some point in their life, experience some life-altering effects. The effects of alcohol go far and beyond financial problems. But before we blame it all on alcoholism, a lot of alcohol is actually consumed by binge drinkers. These are people who are not necessarily alcohol dependent. In this article, we’ll be looking at how alcoholism affects our lives.


The sad truth about alcohol consumption is that it can negatively affect your health. In most cases, an individual with a drinking problem is at a higher risk of falling victim to certain chronic diseases and illnesses. Drinking too much alcohol and being dependent on the same may take a serious toll on your overall health. Of course, too much of everything is poisonous and alcohol is no exception.

It’s been found that alcohol contributes to certain cancers, cardiovascular disorders, psychiatric problems, and digestive diseases, among other diseases associated with alcoholism. You may also want to know that consuming too much alcohol increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. This means that one really needs to reevaluate their options on how much alcohol they need to take.

Financial effects

There are so many expenses associated with alcoholism. The first one is the alcohol itself. The more bottles of beer you consume in a day, the more you’ll spend on a weekly or monthly basis. Now, if you calculate these daily costs per year, the results may be shocking. When drunk, you may be tempted to spend on unnecessary commodities or even purchasing more alcohol to your peers. Let’s take a look at some other ways alcohol affects our finances

  • It decreases productivity
  • Can lead to increased medical expenses
  • It may lead to incurring extra costs in repairing damages as a result of alcoholism

Violence and aggression

Alcohol has been associated with many cases of violence across the globe. These include murder, assaults, and rape cases. One thing to note is that alcohol brings out the real traits of a person. So if the person is usually angry, it’s very likely that they may cause you harm. So, when provoked, they may become overly aggressive and express their aggression outwardly.


Alcoholism has some effects on relationships, especially when it comes to family. Some relationship effects related to alcoholism tend to originate from the home and then spread into the community. It starts off as a simple outburst of anger, leading to increased alcohol consumption and ultimately becomes alcohol abuse, which means more problems. 

The first thing you want to note is that alcohol impairs decision making. It, therefore, becomes easy for an alcoholic to neglect their responsibilities both in the home and even in other relationships. Actually, so many cases of divorce are as a result of alcoholism. You’ll find that one of the affected partners has neglected their responsibilities, caused the family hefty financial problems or became violent.

All these effects have been deeply rooted in our history, given the fact that the art of brewing and winemaking started way back. Mankind has for long been struggling with the effects of alcoholism. The best thing is that there are various ways of helping people with their addiction problems, and alcoholism is a curable disease.


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