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How are water bottles made?

How are water bottles made?

Water bottles appear in every scene of our daily life, which cannot be separated and is already an important part of our lives. We need to replenish water at any time, a symbol of life. For example, body builders need to intake a lot of water. If they have a water bottle, then they don’t need to worry about water storage. Here are glass and plastic water bottle on the market, most of them are plastic and made by plastic extrusion machine. But not everybody know how are water bottles made. Here is the thing to show you.

Water Bottle Production Process

To support related demands over 50 billion plastic water bottles are produced last year. That means worldwide need plastic water bottles for particular using. But don’t you wander how this light and transparent thing be supplied? Which materials they use? How they be packed before the customer delivery? Then you can have a look here.

Water Bottle Raw Materials

Generally, water bottles are made from variable raw materials, like polyethylene (PET) or polyethylene terephthalate (PETP). The reasons why the factory select these raw materials are two. Hydration must be better preserved, which means the material should be high density. Also it is ideal material to ensure reusable and recyclable bottling features. Moisture can be hindered efficiently. Meanwhile, this material is transparent, strong and light. 

Interesting is this, when the water bottles are manufactured, plastic materials has been processed. So it requires PET or PETP is adequate for application. Multiple tests should be previously checked, from pressure resistance, thickness, transparency and other significant indexes should be seriously paid attention. So the samples is in very important position throughout the production. 

Water Bottle Production Process

Each bottle is actually a mold, in the process of making molds, CNC machine tools are indispensable, for example: using a deep hole drilling machine to open holes for heat dissipation. Visit this website for more information on drilling holes in the mold.

Different from water bottle samples, The molds are applied to the relevant industries in practice. By this process blow molding machine plays a dominant role. Extending blow molding can conclude the whole process. 

Raw material is heated in a mold, this mold should be the targeted shape that be displayed on the shelf. Then mandrel goes inside parison providing high pressure air. With high pressure and temperature, it can be blasted and stretched to the original determined shape. Then cooling system board the stage. This operation needs to be done quickly. Water and carbon dioxide would (in)directly to cool the mold and plastic bottle down. 

Pack of water bottle

Then we get our dreaming products. Then a problem comes, how are these plastic bottle packed. According to the mold water bottle would have distinct but simple shape to catch customer eyes. The body should reflect freshness of water, so the other side get these aspects.

Label is vital. Don’t you ever notice that this tag would never wrapped with large area? Why manufacturers do that? The main point of a water bottle is water itself, which should be display the two features I mentioned above. So large area packing is not advisable. Environmental friendly is always the main theme worldwide. If your pack material has the ability to be well recycled. That would add a lot of points to the customer’s heart. This is quite complicated as bottle production process.

Application of water bottle

Plastic water bottle can be widely use in industries like:

  • Food Industry 
  • Outdoor Supplies
  • Medical Supplies
  • Toys
  • Cosmetic
  • Dairy Packaging
  • Cleaning Supplies

The above are the finished products that these industries can manufacture. And what about reuse of plastic bottles? Because they are recyclable, so they are useful in some ways. Such source storage on your kitchen counter. When you plan to add some condiment quickly while you are cooking. You can cut a water bottle and change it into a condiment bottle. They make the whole leaning process incredibly more smoothly. You can put sugar, salt or other powder seasoning in it. 

Except seasoning bottle water bottle can be changed into watering can. You can use scissors to stamp several little holes on the cap and tear the original label. When the watering thing come into your mind, you can just pick this simple can up and pour water on your beloved plants. Comparing to steel water can this plastic water can way lighter and easier to move. 

Piggy bank, bottle for housing pens, pencils and other stationery etc. you can use this magical plastic to make variable supplies at home or at your workplace. If you have imaginations, magic but cute DIY items would come out.

We probably use water bottle every day. It is interesting to know a little information about how these necessary items are generated. Maybe this would help you with environmental protection tasks. When you know its production process, you would know how to let them make your life more convenient and creative with money saving.

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