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How Are We Coping With Self Isolation: Insight From Around the Country And The World With Anthony Salvador Lewis



“I hail from a family of actors and directors, the well-known Salvadors in Philippine cinema and so I guess this passion for expressing myself through performing is in my blood.” 

As a track star in High School

A singer, actor and performer Anthony Salvador Lewis was born to a Filipina mother and an Italian father. He spent most of his youth showing off his athletic prowess. He attended the Lee Strasberg, Actor’s Institute to enhance his stage presence and received a scholarship to attend the Singer’s Forum.

Anthony doing Shakespeare

He has performed Shakespeare with the American Theater of Actors.  Among the shows he has under his belt are The Two Gentlemen of Verona, That’s Amore, Poles Apart, he was Jesus Christ in A Light to the Cross, Dracula in Dracula) and Gringo Honasan in Meldita, performing in regional and international theaters.   

He also played guest starring roles in the movie remake of “Sabrina” with Harrison Ford and as Howard Stern’s double in “Private Parts”.  He appeared in International Films such as: “Sigaw sa Dilim” with Karina Afable, “Kasalanan Ko, Pagdusahan Mo” a movie directed by Lupita Aquino-Kashiwahara. He also played a Native American Indian on the “Dave Chapelle Show”.   

Anthony Salvador Lewis

Anthony had a long hiatus from show business. During this time, he worked as a partner in a private investigating firm, had a family, and started a home care business. He continued to be engaged as a lead singer of the popular club band, “Streetlight”, performing all over the tri-state area.  It was in one of these shows where he met his current manager, Robert Blume of Step Forward Entertainment and Hollywood actress, Marya Coburn.  Whether it was fate or a lucky coincidence, he was again inspired and reinvigorated his desire for the performing arts. Under their tutelage and encouragement, Anthony pursued acting again.  

Anthony with Marya Coburn

Anthony successfully won the part of Father Matos in the remake of the Francis Ford Coppola horror classic, “Dementia 13”.  Most recently Anthony played a reporter in the first season of CBS’s “Tommy”, has had recurring roles in the hit series “Billions” (Season 4) as Ortiz, “Daredevil” and “Luke Cage” and as the reporter Jerry.  He had a guest starring role as Utuquiel in Comedy Central’s “Alternatino” and Amazon Prime’s “Bronx SIU” as an assasin.  

Giving a sermon in Dementia 13

Anthony has gained recognition and continues to captivate his audience with his unique voice. He had a sold-out concert, You, the Night, and the Music with Tanya Varona at the Celebrity Center International in Holloywood, CA produced by the prominent Filipino journalist, Cora Pastrana. Most recently, he has joined other talents in the concerts produced by Step Forward Entertainment in the Green Room in NYC –  “Stepping Forward at the Triad” and the “Asians Step Forward”.  

Anthony Salvador Lewis

T2C: How are you dealing with home containment in Woodbridge, NJ? 

Anthony Salvador Lewis: Sleep all day, up all night. LOL. Honestly, with two kids under 10, four dogs, a wife who’s an essential worker, and a home care agency to run COVID life has been hectic. It’s always a busy day in our household especially during the week.  Everybody’s up early to prepare for the day- work, homeschooling and after-school activities. Wife goes to work. I set-up my son for home-schooling, meals all day, then set them up for Zoom classes for taekwondo and dance. I’m literally running a crazy busy household. 

Anthony in concert

T2C: What would you say is the difference of being in self lockdown between Woodbridge, NJ and NY?

Anthony Salvador Lewis: The biggest difference would be that we have space and we’re still able get some fresh air in our yard. I’m still able to go around town without having to depend on public transportation to get our essentials. 

Anthony in Step Forward Entertainment in the Green Room

T2C: What have you been able to accomplish in this time?

Anthony Salvador Lewis: I never realized how much teachers and after-school instructors do for our kids. I have learned so much in the past few weeks. I am not tech-savvy but with this new situation. I learned how to use Zoom, trimming my dog’s hair (because our grooming salon is close) and use other apps and gadgets like Alexa. hahaha

Anthony in Dementia 13

T2C: What has this time stopped you from accomplishing?

Anthony Salvador Lewis: I think this time has stopped me from getting 8 hours of sleep every night. Truthfully, I see this time as an opportunity to learn new things that I can do. 

Anthony on the set of Billions with Paul Giamatti

T2C: What kind of emotions does this time bringing out of you?

Anthony Salvador Lewis: This time has brought out an array of emotions.  Disbelief, with the sudden loss of structure and loss of social contact with the world. Anxiety, for the uncertainty of what’s happening to our economy and our healthcare, or simply when we’re going to get our next stock of tissue papers. Sadness, for all the deaths and political divisiveness this virus has caused. Worry, for the future and for the uncertainty of when this will end. Happiness, for still being healthy and being with the those I love and cherish and being able to adjust to our new normal routine. Optimism and hopefulness for the new developments in medicine and knowing that sometime in the near future everything will be alright and life goes on. 

T2C: If you were to equate this time to a song or song cycle what would it be? 

Anthony Salvador Lewis: “Summer Highland Falls” by Billy Joel, “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” by The Police and “Waltzing Matilda” from the Stanley Kramer’s film “On the Beach”

Anthony with Lou Diamond Phillips

T2C: What message would you like to give the world right now?

Anthony Salvador Lewis: Eat smart, stay active, find the funny side of things. 

Anthony on the set of Amazon Prime’s Bronx SIU

T2C: What is the first thing you will do when we are no longer self quarantined? 

Anthony Salvador Lewis: If or when that time comes, the first thing we will do as a family is go to church and give thanks to God for seeing us through the tough times. I will also hug every essential worker who have been so brave risking their lives and alleviating the suffering of so many.  

Anthony on the set of Alternatino for Comedy Central

T2C: What are the things that are getting you through this time?

Anthony Salvador Lewis: Family, prayers, meditation, chair massage, and the ultimate escape – sleeping. 

Anthony on the Netflix series Luke Cage

T2C: What haven’t we asked you that you would like to say?

Anthony Salvador Lewis: Stay strong and carry on.  

Suzanna, co-owns and publishes the newspaper Times Square Chronicles or T2C. At one point a working actress, she has performed in numerous productions in film, TV, cabaret, opera and theatre. She has performed at The New Orleans Jazz festival, The United Nations and Carnegie Hall. She has a screenplay and a TV show in the works, which she developed with her mentor and friend the late Arthur Herzog. She is a proud member of the Drama Desk and the Outer Critics Circle and was a nominator. Email:


Happy Birthday, Grand Central!



Today, Wednesday, February 2nd, is Grand Central Terminal’s 109th birthday, and the shops are helping them celebrate. Visit the below stores and eateries in Grand Central to take advantage of one-day-only deals* that either celebrate Grand Central’s age (109 years) or our birthday (1913)!

Café Grumpy: 8oz drip coffee is $1.09
Central Cellars: bottle of Banshee Chardonnay Sonoma Coast 2019 or O.P.P. Other People Pinot Noir is $19.13 each
Doughnut Plant: Grand Central–exclusive GCT mini doughnuts are $1.09 each
Grand Central Watch: 18mm nylon straps (in various colors) are $1.09 each
Li-Lac Chocolates: a 9-piece truffle box is $19.13, and caramel squares are $1.09 each
Pescatore Seafood Company: jumbo lump crab cakes are $19.13 for 2 pieces
Spices and Tease: Indian spice trio – 1 pouch of Madras curry, 1 pouch of turmeric, and 1 pouch of Garam Masala – is $10.90

Grand Central Terminal’s construction lasted for ten years (from 1903 – 1913). The building was designed by a Francophile architect named Whitney Warren, who wanted to bring a whole lot of Parisian flair to New York City with his Beaux-Arts style.

Did you know 750,000 people pass through the station every day. That’s almost half the current population of Manhattan. The space occupies 48 acres.

The station has very few stairs, relying on a network of ramps. There are 2,500 stars painted on the ceiling; roughly sixty electric bulbs add to the twinkling effect of the stars. The constellations, with the exception of Orion, are painted backwards. The star-spangled ceiling  is 125 feet high.

During the filming of a scene in The Fisher King (1991), 400 extras waltzed around the main concourse from the evening until the first trains arrived at 5:30 the following morning.

Grand Central is the setting for the opening scenes of Gossip Girl.

In Alfred Hitchcock’s classic North by Northwest, Cary Grant makes an amazing escape through the terminal. Like The Fisher King, this scene was filmed at night to prevent disruptions to train service.

In Superman (1978), Clark Kent battles Lex Luthor, whose hideout is located under the terminal.

At the very end of Francis Ford Coppola’s Cotton Club, Richard Gere and Diane Lane escape their mobster lives through Grand Central.

Fire Power, starring Sophia Loren, was also filmed in Grand Central.


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Happy Chanukah or is it Hanukkah? Day 1



Tonight Chanukah starts at sundown. The word Hanukkah means ‘rededication’ and commemorates the Jews’ struggle for religious freedom when, according to legend, the leaders of a Jewish rebel army called the Maccabees rose up against their Greek-Syrian oppressors in the Maccabean Revolt of 167 BC (BCE).King Antiochus had taken over the Second Temple in Jerusalem and soon after ordered an altar to Zeus to be erected. Judaism was prohibited, circumcision was banned and pigs were ordered to be sacrificed at the altar.The Jewish rebellion that followed was led by Judah Maccabee, (or Y’hudhah HaMakabi, meaning “Judah the Hammer”).The uprising spanned three years until the Maccabees gained control of Jerusalem.They wanted to rededicate the desecrated temple, but could find only one container of the sacred oil they needed which had the seal of the high priest still intact.Judaism’s central text the Talmud, dictates only pure olive oil with the seal of the high priest can be used for the Hanukkah. The candelabrum is required to burn throughout the night every night but although there was only enough oil for one day, the candles miraculously stayed alight for eight days – the time needed to prepare a fresh supply of kosher oil for the menorah. This event became known as ‘the miracle of the oil’ and is now marked  with an eight-day festiva


Is it Chanukah or Hanukkah? In Hebrew, Hanukkah is pronounced with the letter ‘chet’. The letter “H” makes the closest sound. So both names work.

We here at T2C wish you a holiday of lights, hope and health.

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Get Ready for NYC Hotel Week & Fourth Annual NYC Winter Outing



Get ready for something big in the Big Apple!

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and NYC & Company has officially launched NYC Hotel Week with the start of reservations available at

“I am thrilled to announce the return of NYC Hotel Week, offering deals of a lifetime to an array of hotels across the City,” said New York City Mayor Eric Adams. “NYC Hotel Week kicks off the start of NYC & Company’s NYC Winter Outing Program, combining NYC Restaurant Week, NYC Broadway Week, NYC Must-See Week, and NYC Hotel Week. Whether you want to catch one of our world-class attractions, dine at the finest restaurants or unwind at our luxurious hotels, New York City has it all right here in our backyard, across all five boroughs. Our city is open for reservations, so book yours today!”

Returning for its second year, NYC Hotel Week will run from January 3 through February 12, 2023, offering 23% savings off standard room rates at more than 140 hotels across all five boroughs, with additional properties expected to join.

Presented by preferred payment partner Mastercard, NYC Hotel Week 2023 participating hotels include Hard Rock Hotel New York; Lotte New York Palace; The Beekman, A Thompson Hotel; The Hoxton, Williamsburg; The Langham, New York, Fifth Avenue; New York Marriott Marquis; The William Vale; Radio Hotel; The Opera House Hotel, The Rockaway Hotel; Hilton Garden Inn New York/Staten Island and more.

“NYC Hotel Week offers the best values of the year for travelers looking to visit the five boroughs or for New Yorkers treating themselves to staycations,” said Fred Dixon, President and CEO of NYC & Company.”

Hard Rock Hotel New York

The start of NYC Hotel Week reservations marks the countdown to the return of NYC Winter Outing, NYC & Company’s annual citywide value program. NYC Winter Outing, now in its fourth year, celebrates the City’s winter season with offers from NYC & Company’s signature programs: NYC Restaurant Week, NYC Broadway Week, NYC Must-See Week, and for the second year, NYC Hotel Week. NYC Winter Outing, which will run from January 17 through February 12, 2023, will combine deals across all five boroughs on dining, Broadway shows, attractions, museums, tours, performing arts and hotels. Bookings for NYC Restaurant Week, NYC Broadway Week and NYC Must-See Week will open to the general public on January 10 at

New York City – there is simply no where better to be in the world!



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Sex Hotel Up For Sale



“I used to have this girlfriend known as Elsie
With whom I shared for sordid rooms in Chelsea
She wasn’t what you’d call a blushing flower
As a matter of fact she rented by the hour”

They advertise that “For more than 40 years, Liberty Inn has been the destination for New York City couples seeking an intimate yet vibrant setting where they can lose themselves in love. You won’t find any resemblance here to the traditional image of by-the-hour hotels. Even more important – you won’t find that boring sameness of standard hotel rooms. Instead you’ll find modern, lively, colorful rooms filled with lots of features that are tailor-made for romance. Whether it’s for a few hours or an overnight stay, our rooms are unique, with an romantic atmosphere that leads to those moments of playfulness, tenderness and passion.

Liberty Inn, located at 51 10th Ave., (between 13th and 14th streets) is now for sale, ofr more than $20 million according to The New York Times.

Expect lip-shaped headboards, fancy sex chairs, and rates for two and six-hour stays ($95 and $155).

An overnight stay costs  $200-$250, depending on the room.

The owner told the NYT it was harder to keep a place like an hourly hotel in a neighborhood that has become more and more expensive.

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Looking For Artists To Be A Part of a New Book on Child Abuse



32 years ago I wrote a book on child abuse called “A Child’s Heart.” The purpose was to raise funding to make and give teaching tapes to judges and change laws. Did you know in 98% of cases, the person who reports the abuse loses their child to the abuser. It’s true!
I forgot about the book until my friend told me about her friend who reported the abuse of her child to the courts, lost her child to the husband, who then killed the child.
Did you know the national statistics are are 1 in 3 females and 1 in 4 males have been abused? Imagine the voices to be heard if they were not silenced.
I am looking for 23 to 28 artists to participate. The criteria is you must have been abused. Age, sex, gender is unimportant. I am especially looking for 4 children to participate. Each person will illustrate a line in the story and have a chance to tell their story. I had all the artists, but it has been a long time and sadly we lost track of each other.
If you would like to become a part of this project message me at and I will get back to you ASAP.
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