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How Are We Coping With Self Isolation: Insight From Around the Country And The World With Juan Pablo Di Pace



Juan Pablo Di Pace is an Argentinian actor and singer. He began his career appearing in films like Survival Island. Prior to joining the big screen, Di Pace appeared in the London musical Chicago and fronted posters for the production shown all over the United Kingdom. He also played the role of Danny Zuko in the Trieste production of Grease in Italy, partly directed by Di Pace. For two years, he was Tony Manero in the Spanish production of Saturday Night Fever in Madrid, which won him critical acclaim by the European press.

Juan Pablo Di Pace in Survival Island 

He was cast in film “Mamma Mia” and became well known for playing the role of Jesus Christ on “A.D. The Bible Continues”, for which he won a Grace Award for “Most Inspiring Performance”.

Juan Pablo Di Pace

Di Pace was cast as series regular billionaire businessman Nicolas Treviño for season 3 of the TNT drama series Dallas.

Jordana Brewster and Juan Pablo Di Pace in Dallas

Di Pace appears in a recurring role as Fernando, the fiancé and ex-husband of Kimmy Gibbler on the Netflix series Fuller House. Starting in the second season he was promoted to the main cast.

Andrea Barber and Juan Pablo Di Pace in Fuller House

In 2018, he was announced as one of the celebrities to compete on season 27 of Dancing with the Stars, being paired with the professional dancer Cheryl Burke. Despite earning five perfect scores and holding the highest average of the season, they were eliminated in the semi-final in a double elimination.

His cabaret act at The Green Room 42 was so successful we reviewed it in two parts. Part 1 and Part 2.

T2C: How are you dealing with home containment in LA?

Juan Pablo Di Pace: I don’t know how to say this. I am actually loving it. And I realize this is an unpopular statement. I don’t want to sound insensitive to those suffering first hand the effects of COVID or who have lost dear ones. So first of all, if you are reading and are suffering, my sincerest condolences and tons of light to you. But for those who have been forced to stay in, and see nothing better than to complain about being bored, angry, frustrated, I think this has been an opportunity to look at our lives and see what isn’t working. By this I mean what we are doing with our time, with our relationships, with our dreams, with our bodies, with the other species, with the planet… In terms of LA, I´m very lucky that things here are nowhere as bad as in New York.

Juan Pablo Di Pace

T2C: What would you say is the difference of being in self lockdown between NY and LA?

Juan Pablo Di Pace: Well, LA has the advantage of space and public transport isn’t as essential here. So here in the city we haven’t been hit as hard because the square footage separating people is much bigger than in New York. Human concentration has greatly determined the medical situations of different places.

Juan Pablo Di Pace

T2C: What have you been able to accomplish in this time?

Juan Pablo Di Pace: Something that was very clear to me once the dust settled and I stopped freaking out with conspiracy theories and horrid numbers, and forced my fingers to stop scrolling through news and statistics… was the fact that I needed to get productive. I wanted to come out of this pandemic having achieved, learned, or transformed something in my life. So, to start with I got a little oven and started baking which I had never even attempted before… Then, I became “almost” plant based, haven’t touched white or red meat since February, something to start respecting our animals more. And finally I decided to create a web series called “MINUTIAE” which I write, edit, direct, record and premiere from the comfort of my computer. I have been very lucky that amazing actor freinds have said yes, among them Andrea Barber (Kimmy Gibbler on Fuller House) and Jack Plotnick (co-creator of Disaster, the Musical on Broadway). The show is about the minutia of life, the little things that annoy us or occupy our time, that seem so important in the moment, but that in fact, are so stupid. I premiere a new episode live on youtube every week at 5pm New York time! Here is episode 3:

T2C: What has this time stopped you from accomplishing?

Juan Pablo Di Pace: I feel more accomplished than before this started. Sure, I got a few pounds heavier, but who hasn’t?  The only thing I wish I could have done is to travel to Madrid to see my parents and throw my mom’s massive 70th birthday party we had all planned… But it´ll happen later I’m sure.

T2C: What kind of emotions does this time bringing out of you?

Juan Pablo Di Pace: I guess with being able to decide what I consume and when, what to do and when to do it, has enhanced the terribly introverted nature in me. I knew I liked staying home, but now I know I thrive staying home. I feel quite peaceful most days. Some days the frustration creeps in, but I find that once I get out of my door and takle a little walk, my head clears again and I start getting crazy new ideas.

T2C: If you were to equate this time to a song or song cycle what would it be? 

Juan Pablo Di Pace: Bjork´s YÓGA: 
“Emotional landscapes
They puzzle me
Then the riddle gets solved
And you push me up to thisState of emergencyHow beautiful to be
State of emergency
Is where I want to be”

Juan Pablo Di Pace

T2C: What message would you like to give the world right now?

Juan Pablo Di Pace: I don’t want to sound like a broken record so I’m just going to add a link of a letter written by Darinka Montico called #LISTEN that I got the chance to put my voice to:

T2C: What is the first thing you will do when we are no longer self quarantined? 

Juan Pablo Di Pace: Travel to Madrid to hug my family and never again complain about not liking the gym… Going to a cinema. Go to a massive rave to dance the whole night away.

Juan Pablo Di Pace during “An Evening with Juan Pablo Di Pace” on January 9, 2020 at The Green Room 42 in New York City.  Photo Walter McBride

T2C: What are the things that are getting you through this time?

Juan Pablo Di Pace: Comedy, meditation, writing and editing short films, vegetables and listening to a guy called Matias de Stefano on Youtube about other dimensions and our responsibility to evolve, starting with ourselves.

Andrea Barber and Juan Pablo Di Pace in Fuller House

T2C: What haven’t we asked you that you would like to say?

Juan Pablo Di Pace: Season 5B of Fuller House will be out on Netflix this June 2nd worldwide! And please be sure to check “MINUTIAE” series on my youtube Channel alongside my new music clips. During quarantine I made it a weekly habit to do a LIVE PREMIERE of either new music performances or new episodes of MINUTIAE to make poeple laugh a little! Come join in every thurday at 5pm Easter Time. Here’s a link to my channel.

Suzanna, co-owns and publishes the newspaper Times Square Chronicles or T2C. At one point a working actress, she has performed in numerous productions in film, TV, cabaret, opera and theatre. She has performed at The New Orleans Jazz festival, The United Nations and Carnegie Hall. She has a screenplay and a TV show in the works, which she developed with her mentor and friend the late Arthur Herzog. She is a proud member of the Drama Desk and the Outer Critics Circle and was a nominator. Email:


Toby Keith Interview Reveals Personal Thoughts on Lifetime Achievement Award




Toby Keith was born to be in the spotlight.

While so many performers have been bestowed the same grand gift of stardom throughout history, there is something much more meaningful when this artist stands in front of millions of fans.  It’s not just the strums of his guitar you hear when he takes the stage. The light that surrounds him shines brightly because inside of Keith a sound made from a pulsating heart of gold radiates throughout the world.

Considered one of the most beloved musicians of all time, the National Medal of Arts recipient’s list of accomplishments is nothing short of outstanding. Keith has been inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame and Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame, as well as honored with the Academy of Country Music’s prestigious Merle Haggard Spirit Award just to name a few remarkable achievements. The superstar’s body of work has made him a luminary trailblazer in the entertainment industry. A trusted and upstanding performer, he has sung some of the biggest country hits of the 20th century including “Should’ve Been A Cowboy,” “Who’s That Man,” “Me Too,” “How Do You Like Me Now?!,” “You Shouldn’t Kiss Me Like This,” “I’m Just Talkin’ About Tonight,” “Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue (The Angry American),” “Beer For My Horses,” and “American Soldier.”

Celebrated for his artistry, the seven-time Grammy nominee and two-time Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year is an unstoppable force. But for all the joy his triumphant collection has brought to the masses, it is the way his storied career has produced something far more than just alluring tunes and catchy music videos.

Since the very beginning, Keith’s mission has always been to create a space that makes people feel accepted. His profound emotions persevere in front of an audience at a sold-out concert just as equally as his sincere interactions with other celebrities. Backstage and behind the scenes his unwavering need to unconditionally help those in need rises to the forefront.

The musician’s widely known philanthropic efforts have made an everlasting effect on mankind. From voicing support for veterans to aiding citizens recovering from natural disasters, Keith considers it his patriotic duty to use his impactful voice to empower change and inspire others to follow suit.

For someone who is a larger-than-life entertainer, it is fascinating how completely down to earth he is when the curtain falls. Any hint of intimidation quickly sheds away when he looks at you with his twinkling eyes. Peeling back the layers of the idol, you discover that the making of this legendary singer is not rooted in ego. There is simply a person standing before you who doesn’t wish to be music royalty worshiped on a pedestal. There is only a humble man who is eternally grateful for what he has been gifted. You only see the compassionate cowboy.

Perfectly flawed and rough around the edges, his presence is that of a burly character perpetually dressed in a slightly disheveled wardrobe. Keith carries the look of someone laboring outdoors all day just to finally sit on the porch and kick back with a frosted beer as the sun sets in the horizon. His dusty boots have walked a million miles and left behind a trail of deep footprints full of Oklahoma red dirt no matter where he goes.

The music sensation’s legendary status has allowed him to build an expansive empire of goodwill. Keith’s unconditional love is especially felt at The Toby Keith Foundation. The center’s mission is to encourage the health and happiness of pediatric cancer patients. It also funds OK Kids Korral, which is a cost-free and comfortable home for pediatric cancer patients and their families receiving treatment at The Children’s Hospital at OU Medical Center, Stephenson Cancer Center, and other nearby facilities.

The valiant Keith and his dedicated team are now set to be honored by the laudable SabesWings Foundation. On September 18, the icon will receive the SabesWings Lifetime Achievement Award during the Second Annual Strike Out Event in Paso Robles, California. The festivities will help raise funds through ticket sales to support cancer patients suffering from medical financial toxicity.

Together throughout the past few years OK Kids Korral and SabesWings have joined forces to help patients who must choose between paying for medical treatments or common everyday living expenses.Giving cancer patients of all ages the chance to heal without worry is the philosophy that Keith and SabesWings founders Bret and Kandace Saberhagen embrace. The famous Kansas City Royals pitcher and his wife know the power of supporting those in need during a medical crisis after she went through a past cancer scare. Seeing how much the cost of care escalated at that time, they knew that something had to be done for those who were not fortunate enough to afford it.

Keith has personally experienced how the disease can change your life in an instant. In June, he disclosed through social media that he had been privately battling stomach cancer. Fortunately, he is now cancer-free. While recovering from treatment, the survivor witnessed firsthand how community love can be a pillar of strength to patients who are bravely fighting the dreaded disease.

The sad truth is that there is no person in the world who has not been affected by the disease. Lives are rocked and fundamentally shifted. Neither celebrity status nor birthright can stop it from happening to someone. But it is the ones with the golden hearts like Keith who can help make the process more humane. The power of kindness is truly uplifting.

During an exclusive interview with “The Magazine Lifestyle,” Keith revealed why being honored by his friends and fellow philanthropists at SabesWings is a momentous occasion.

Your foundation assists and supports pediatric cancer patients and their families. How did this mission come about?

 Twenty years ago, my friend – who happened to be my first guitar player in the very first band I was ever in and ended up being my road manager later – had a 2-year-old daughter, Allison, who developed cancer. In her most dire moments, in the eleventh hour, the hospital had just told them to take Allison home. They had to bring in hospice when necessary. I had been supporting St. Jude in Memphis and as a last-ditch effort we called in a favor. St. Jude had a couple of things there that they hadn’t done yet here in Oklahoma. Allison and her mother drove over. When they had exhausted all their options they came back home, and Allison passed away.

 After the funeral, the mother said that the most eye-opening part of it was that when she got to St. Jude she was provided with food, lodging, and transportation free of cost. She wanted nothing. She was actually going to worry about all that when they got there since she was in such a rush, didn’t prepare, and hadn’t brought anything with them. She was given everything from Walmart gift cards to medicine to whatever they needed. I said, ‘In Ally’s honor we should look at doing something like that here in Oklahoma City.’ And that’s how OK Kids Korral was born.

What are the things about your foundation that you are most proud of at the end of the day?

 I think I’m most proud of the fact that we handle more than 300 families a year. They come from all over and they are desperate just like Allison’s mother was. It makes me proud to know that when it comes to this part of it, they can show up at Children’s Hospital and have a burden lifted the second they know they can stay right across the street in a wonderful lodge that is gated and safe. OK Kids Korral is the Ritz Carlton meets Disney World.

You are being honored by SabesWings this September. As an icon in music and the world of philanthropy, what does this mean for you to receive this award?

These things are designed as fundraisers. And the Saberhagens have given their time to my event and to other events, Make-A-Wish, etc. So, it’s honoring them as much as it is anybody. On paper it looks like I’m being brought in and honored, which is wonderful for them to pick me to do it. But at the end of the day, it’s just like a keynote speaker at any event. It’s a reciprocal type of situation where he’s (Bret Saberhagen) done stuff for my event so I’m doing stuff for his event. But in my opinion, this event honors them as much as it does anybody for all the work they do.

What is it that makes the combined efforts of SabesWings with your foundation so unique in the philanthropic community? Also, what is it that you think you do best in comparison to other organizations out there?

Me showing up has SabesWings granting us donations as well; what I said is reciprocation in the previous answer. The thing that I think separates us is our Executive Director, Juliet Bright, who is the woman who runs my foundation. She is such a master at this and champions so well that it just makes us operate at a really high level. That being said, other people who have come in like SabesWings as well as other celebrities who have come to my event and have events themselves, have often returned after the event and asked if they could talk to Juliet. I ask why, and they say, ‘I want my event to run as well as yours.’ Maybe they’ve not dreamed big enough, or looked at it as a big enough picture, or just the overall quality of how the event is run. Juliet has done a wonderful job through the years, and she just gets better. It’s kind of on cruise control now, and I say that not taking her for granted, but because she’s got it running so smoothly now that even though it takes her 365 days to set up the event, she’s still got it down. It’s run as well as anybody’s foundation in the country.

 When you hear how much the two organizations working together are making a difference in real lives, what does that incredible goodwill mean to you?

It’s nice to be able to focus and have all your energy in the world go toward one thing that really matters to you. Up until OK Kids Korral was formed, all my charity stuff was scattered. Whoever came at the right time got it. I worked with St. Jude a lot, most of my efforts went there, so that tied in really well. But if I was at an event or TV show where you won some money for charity. I really didn’t have anything that just made me go, ‘Yeah, this is my charity.’ And once OK Kids Korral came into play, I could focus all my energies just on that. And you can look at the other stuff and say, ‘I’m sorry, this takes up all my time, energy, and money.’ It has to because it’s my job to make sure we raise the money each year that is the lifeline to OK Kids Korral.

Keith generates wisdom that can only be understood by someone who really savors life and is aware that giving is the biggest gift of all. The superstar is ultimately a superhero who will always sing an enduring and enlightened ballad for all of mankind.


Reposted with permission by “The Magazine Lifestyle” and writer ElizaBeth Taylor

Cover art and photography by Greg Watermann

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Actors to Watch – Danny A. Abeckaser in ‘Lansky’



One thing the pandemic certainly didn’t take away from us was the love for a good film with a great cast.

This summer the much-anticipated film “Lansky” starring Harvey Keitel, Sam Worthington, Danny A. Abeckaser, David James Elliott, Minka Kelly, David Cade, John Magaro, and Anna Sophia Robb, among others, hits theaters and digital streaming channels.

Director and writer Eytan Rockaway’s crime-drama was inspired by actual conversations that took place between Rockaway’s father, Rob Rockaway, and gangster Meyer Lansky before his death. Actor Abeckaser portrays an FBI agent in the film, which departs his often seen mobster and nightlife character roles in prior projects.

Last seen in “The Irishman,” the performer demonstrates a new range as an actor in the feature, alongside Worthington and longtime friend Keitel, who starred in his directorial debut, “First We Take Brooklyn,” in 2018. It’s an exciting turn as Abeckaser continues to hone his craft.

“It’s been a passion project. I was obsessed and grew up knowing about Lansky,” he told Times Square Chronicles during a recent interview. Though Abeckaser didn’t produce the film he was around during the inception and had brought some of the original content to the attention of the filmmakers. It was his keen sensibilities as a true artist that helped carve out the path to production.

“He was someone known to be a tough guy and strong – kind of like a bully,” he reflects about the true story lead. “But, then you see this little five-foot-two Jewish guy who was running everything in real life. For me I wanted to to get to know this fascinating story more. This whole thing came about and I just really wanted to be a part of it.”

And, attractive characters is something that Abeckaser truly understands. He himself has a soulful presence that is undeniable. He is a legit artist who appreciates the team he works with as much as the road to get there.

“I just want this to be successful. I want people to see it with everything I put into a film and what I create when I act. All you want is people to see it and enjoy it. All the hard it took was about six years of labor. We just want people to appreciate and enjoy it, you know, and I hope it gets the audience it deserves.”

For these artistic endeavors we applaud him.

Abeckaser’s next film, “I Love Us,” is a feature romantic drama that he stars in and directs, due out in September 2021, further showcasing his depth in the emotional film.

Follow Danny A. Abeckaser on social media at @DannyA27 and head to theatres, VOD and digital on June 25 to watch LANSKY.

Cover Photo by Ben Draper

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My View: Prayers For Larry King



Roger Friedman who has scooped many major stories in his career on Fox TV and in NY Magazine broke another one on his Showbiz411 website.  Roger had an exclusive about Larry King being hospitalized and battling COVID for the last 10 days in a Los Angeles hospital.  Roger has chronicled many sad stories this year concerning the Friars Club,  but this one had to be the most heartbreaking about it’s Dean, Larry King.


Here is a look back a happier times at the Friars Club with Larry King.

Larry King & Stephen Sorokoff
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