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How Big is the Digital Display Advertising in Australia?

How Big is the Digital Display Advertising in Australia?

When digital display advertising first came onto the scene, most marketers were doubtful of its viability as an advertising method, because back then display ads like online banners, lacked the proper value and context to make an impact.  However, as time went by perceptions started to change, and thanks to technological innovation, there were more effective and trustworthy online ads than there were spammy and irrelevant ones.

That said, digital display advertising in any form, can only work when you use it in a manner that addresses your business goals while staying true to the particular platform that you’re advertising on. The good news is that as a business owner, you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to the platforms on which to place your digital display ads, from online social networks to ad banners and search engines.

Read on to find out how digital display advertising works, and how you can leverage it to benefit your business.

Digital display advertisement at a glance

Digital display advertising refers to the act of advertising via a particular website, and could include anything from video to audio and yes, text. With digital display advertising, you can leverage your website traffic for monetary gain, as there are always advertisers that are willing to pay for a display on a high-traffic website.

In the beginning, the concept of digital display ads was rather difficult to scale on both ends. Users would often come across ads that weren’t aligned with the website they were visiting and thus looked out of place. This led to a phenomenon known as ‘banner blindness’ where site visitors would simply ignore display ad banners due to scepticism of their claims, but most importantly because they looked out of context.

Over time, advertisers were able to develop more contextually fitting display ads that could attract the attention of relevant visitors. Since real-time bidding and ad exchanges were introduced, advertisers are now required to only advertise on sites that are targeted to an audience that is relevant to their offering. This has caused a huge shift in the way site visitors now respond to online ads.

As digital display advertising continues to grow and evolve, it is becoming easier for both businesses and advertisers to achieve their required results. However, you should still have a clear idea of what you’d like to achieve when running a paid ad, so that you’re able to design it in a way that’ll be appealing to your target audience.

Here are some interesting stats to consider when planning a digital display ad campaign, based on recent research and data on the subject:

  • About 54% of website visitors admit to being weary of banner ads and will not click on them
  • More than 30% of internet users consider digital display ads to be completely insufferable
  • The amount of internet users that blocked internet ads in 2018 grew by a whopping 41%
  • About 198 million internet users are known to have actively blocked digital display ads
  • Most display ads have an average click through rate of 0.06%, regardless of placement and format
  • The average percentage of site users that still think digital display ads are relevant? Only 2.8%.

While these stats seem discouraging, they mostly represent what happens when digital display advertising is not done the right way. On a positive note, the following data shows what happens when digital display advertising is done right:

–                 More than 70% of targeted users end up converting

–                 Native ads receive 53% more views that banner ads

–                 A recent survey revealed that 32% of consumers would gladly share a native ad with their loved ones over a banner ad

–                 Native ads have the potential to increase conversion rates by 60%

How to do digital display advertising the right way

The benefit of incorporating digital display advertising into your marketing strategy these days is that you have a lot more options to choose from besides banner ads. Now, digital display ads can be seen on Facebook feeds and next to LinkedIn connection invites, and we’re going to show just you how you can leverage these networks to your benefit.

For example, LinkedIn offers Sponsored Updates, which are digital display ads that look like normal status updates that would show up on your feed. This efficient targeting is largely made possible by the fact that these ads are personalized for a particular audience, which is targeted based on having relevant needs and preferences to the ad.

On the other hand, Google’s AdWords allow businesses to use certain keywords that target both potential and existing customers without seeming dodgy. All you have to do is search for popular AdWords that are relevant to your niche and once you use them in your ad, you’ll be able to reach your customers every time they search for those particular keywords, thus taking them straight to your site.

As you can see, digital display advertising is here to stay, and with Australian companies like the FM Digital Group on your side, you too can effectively leverage this marketing method for maximum results. The best part is that you have plenty of placement options to choose from, as well as the flexibility to choose digital display that works for your particular budget.


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