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How Brands Play a Part in Our Decision-Making Process

How Brands Play a Part in Our Decision-Making Process

In an age where technology features heavily in our everyday lives, as consumers we want to make sure that we are getting the very best for our money and that what we’re buying is quick, secure and easy to use.

Brand reliability and trust are hugely important reasons behind why buyers might purchase certain technological devices such as computers and phones, as well as why people may decide to bet with a particular online casino over others.

We’ve taken a look at some of the top factors as to why we as consumers make the decisions we do when it comes to buying technology and using online casinos.

 Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones have advanced remarkably over the past 15 years to the point that they are now commonplace in most people’s lives.

The advancements in technology mean that there is now an array of options available to those looking to purchase mobile devices, with smartphones like the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy and the Sony Xperia all offering amazing features which tempt you into buying these gadgets.

The two most popular phone companies, Apple and Samsung, are hugely reliable brands that have managed to win over consumers who flock to buy their latest products as soon as they are released into the market. But how have they done this?

First of all, usability of these two devices is incredibly easy. The quick and simple navigation and straightforward layout of these two brand’s products makes them clear frontrunners in the eyes of those looking to buy a mobile phone.

Their easy to use reputation has also been aided by their brand image. The professionalism associated with both companies, through good security and impressive customer service, means buyers’ decisions are made easy based on these important factors, which is why their mobile phones are the bestselling.

Computers and Laptops

Two more devices that have made incredible advancements in more recent times. The computers that took what seemed an endless amount of time to start up are now a thing of the past, with several technology brands out there which now offer fast, easy to use devices for consumers.

But how do those buying a computer or laptop make a decision on which one they should purchase?

Brand reliability is again key when choosing a device. Top companies such as Dell, Apple and HP all provide major focus on their customer service so should any problems arise, they can be dealt with quickly and easily. Consumers will often seek to buy from companies they trust so they are certain that any issues can be resolved.

Easy usability and security are again also important. Laptops sold by these top tech companies are all heavily password protected and often come with a form of virus protection to prevent the devices being ruined, which sits well with those who are looking to buy a computer or laptop as they know these brands will help to protect their important information.

Online casinos

There is no shortage of online casino websites which you can now try your luck with and it may be hard to decide which one you should play with given the abundance of options at your fingertips.

The money being bet on online casino websites nowadays is substantial meaning security is evidently a vital factor in the minds of players when choosing a website.

Casinos like Betsafe Casino, reviewed by, have placed player security at the heart of what they do and have instilled an element of safety within its brand DNA, helping their development as a gambling operator and attracting punters to their site.

When it comes to usability, Betsafe and many other brands such as SkyBet and PaddyPower make their websites and apps easy to use for punters, with simple navigation around the online casino persuading players to use certain sites over others.




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