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How Broadway Influenced the Global Entertainment Industry

How Broadway Influenced the Global Entertainment Industry

Nowadays it’s hard to even think about the classic entertainment industry without Broadway. Even if you have no idea what actually goes down in Broadway you have probably still heard the name. It’s a world-famous theater district that is a unique blend of tourist attraction but also somewhat of a cultural center, not only for Americans but for people from all over the world who love art, theater and classical entertainment. The Influence of broadway in the way we see success in theater is huge. Having a play air on broadway is the highest mark of success and it’s precisely why the district has made a name for itself that can be recognized even by people who have never been to the United States. 

Why Broadway

The power of Broadway lies not only in its exclusivity and the fact it has now officially been established as a center where all the important theater news and action takes place, it has also remained extremely popular, even if most people think that theater is now a lost art. Almost 14 million people who visited broadway theaters this year will have to disagree with that opinion. It has the same energy that it had during its prime, it still attracts many theater lovers and has done a very good job at maintaining its status as elite but also remaining accessible to the public. There’s nothing quite like Broadway anywhere else and that’s why the cultural impact of this establishment has seeped into pop culture, entertainment, business and so on. It is essential for the modern western theater and continues to grow its influence as the years go by. 

You often hear theater directors say their main goal is to get their play on Broadway because that is the sign of recognition. And the way the directors can legitimately say that they are on Broadway is to get their play into one of the 40 professional theaters that have more than 500 seats found in the area. 

Broadway influences across industries

When we talk about broadway influence we mostly mean how it has become an integral part of the conversations around pop-culture we hear about Broadway in movies, we see different Broadway themed entertainment but most importantly we see a lot of recreations of broadway plays, most often different musicals. We see the movie remakes, we see games based on these musical which just goes to prove that the influence of the theater district is huge. Some of the most famous musicals that have ever aired on broadway are Chicago and Phantom of the Opera. Both then went on to be remade as movies that have now become classics in their own rights, having acquired prestigious awards and worldwide recognition. 

Another way that these broadway plays give inspiration is different casino slot games. Slot games are one of the most popular and accessible ways for people to get entertained and it is very often based on some popular theme, recreating some of the already popular movies or stars. It’s a great way to keep people entertained and to possibly get a new audience because of it. Such slots as Chicago and Phantom of the Opera are based on plays that were aired on Broadway and that way they get to extend their legacy to cover many different demographics. 

Another equally entertaining ways that Broadway plays get recreated are through different board games. Some of the most famous ones would be. But apart from Broadway play-themed board games we also have games that center around this specific cultural phenomenon.

You can play a board game called Be a Broadway Star and live out your theater dreams that way.

Brief History of Broadway

Broadway refers to a location in Manhattan in New York City. All the movies that center around musicals or theater usually mention broadway or a goal to get there so it’s clear that Broadway still remains as one of the most sought after destinations when it comes to success in theater. The origin of the theater district go back to the 1750’s, when Thomas Kean and Walter Murray opened a theater company on Nassau Street. Since then during the revolutionary war, the theater stopped working only to resume its work in 1798 with the Park Theater that held 2000 viewers.  The Park theater was a huge huge success and largely jump started the broadway. Since then the district has maintained the same status and popularity and has only grown its influence as shown by many tributes to broadway we see in contemporary pop culture. There are musicals that have been running on Broadway for over a decade and the revenues from these plays sometimes even surpass $100 million.

The Broadway is not just a district nor is it just a collection of theaters and the play in them. It is an immersive experience that holds 2 centuries worth of history and the status that was earned by the hardworking directors and theater enthusiasts. 

Broadway is a crucial part of the entertainment industry since it is such an important hotspot for creative people, their work and a place to validate the importance of these players for the viewers. Many people have often said that in the age of television and streaming services there is no place for theater. Broadway is the prime example that this narrative is in fact not true.

People still want quality content and they enjoy it over any hastily produces tv shows or a sitcom. The love for theater is very special and those who hold it dear to their hearts will likely never stop supporting theaters and theater actors and directors. It is a realm of its own that can’t really be compared to the regular movies or tv shows. It is definitely a more elevated experience, hence why the impact has been so much bigger compared to regular movies. 


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