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How can AR/VR Software Improve Your Business?

How can AR/VR Software Improve Your Business?

Technology has taken over virtually all spheres of life. News of emerging technologies influencing lives and lifestyles are coming from all corners of the globe frequently and consistently. Although there are technologies whose future can be predicted with a level of certainty, others are still undergoing major refinement and it will take some time before we witness their full potential.

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are some of the technologies that promise to overwhelmingly change the way we live. These two closely related technologies are already making an impact in areas such as medicine, motoring, finance among others. How exactly can obtaining an AR/VR software improve your business?

Whether you run a small enterprise or a mega-corporation such as Walmart, AR/VR software will influence your business. Here is an in-depth insight.

Redefining Interaction

If there is an area of our lives that have been changed grandly by technology, it is the way human beings interact with one another. VR/AR technologies will take this interaction even further. Today, it is common to have robotic assistance even over the web.

Whereas we are used to interacting with touchscreens, AR will see control panels superimposed directly on the product with attached AR headsets, voice commands and hand gestures assisting to give guidance to consumers. This means that consumers will be able to touch, feel and interact with products using smart glasses.

Enhanced Instruction and Guidance

Modern businesses give a lot of emphasis to training instructing and coaching for improved productivity in the workforce. Granted, there are labor-intensive, expensive and time-consuming activities. With AR, instructions can be done in real time without the engagement of human.

There has also been the intensive development of 2-D and 3-D holograms that help the user to interpret complex designs and procedures so well that these systems are easily understood.

A good example of this is at the airplane manufacturer Boeing. On one occasion, an AR program was used to take trainees through the 50-steps procedure to assemble an aircraft wing that has 30 parts. It was later recorded that the task was completed by the trainees 35% less time than using 2-D designs as had been the norm. There was also a better performance by trainees doing the same task for the very first time as they got a 90% score. This is a clear demonstration of the possibilities that virtual and augmented reality app development hold for businesses.

AR and VR for Improved Visuals

One of the areas in which AR and VR have performed superbly is in enhancing visual interaction. In the health sector, for instance, VR has been used overwhelmingly to assist in successful surgery. In 2017, Dr. Shafi Ahmed performed a surgery at the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel with a help of VR technology.

As we can see, the use of AR/VR technologies by businesses are growing rapidly. Maybe in a few years, we’ll manage to provide medical procedures we thought were impossible, will heal diseases and build incredible buildings and space stations that will help us explore the universe even deeper.


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