How Cleanliness at Workplace Affects Health and Productivity

How Cleanliness at Workplace Affects Health and Productivity

Did you know that sick leaves by employees costs businesses $ 225.8 billion annually? Cleanliness at workplace can have a huge impact on the health of the employees and thus the productivity. As the common old saying goes ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’, we could not agree more. A clean workplace says a lot about the business and reflects on its image. According to a survey, 89% of Americans believe that the condition of the restroom is an indicator of how much the company values its employees.

From cubicles to restrooms to common areas, a company should invest in maintaining a clean workplace for its employees. Here is how cleanliness affects the health and productivity of employees :

Prevents the spread of germs and illness

High touch surfaces like doorknobs, desks, keyboards are a common source of bacteria and play a major role in spreading them. If these surfaces are not cleaned regularly, virus and bacteria can spread among the employees and cause diseases and illness.

Decreases the risk of accidents and injuries

Every year, there are a lot of accidents due to fall from slippery surfaces which can be due to polished floors, wet floors, grease or oil. Leaks and spills should be addressed quickly in order to prevent slips, falls or trips and care should be taken after mopping the floor. For greasy surfaces, one can get industrial pressure washing services in order to remove the grease effectively from the floor. 

Reduces stress and anxiety

One major aspect of cleanliness of a place is its design and appearance. Cluttered workplaces, unkempt common areas and dirty washrooms can increase anxiety and stress levels in employees. In order to make them feel more positive and organised, it is important to keep the workplace clean.

Increases productivity

A workplace that is clean and free of any kind of smell improves the productivity of the employees, who are then less distracted or affected by their surroundings. Also, as they fall ill less often due to the spread of germs, they are then more productive at work.

How can you maintain clean workplaces?

Now, if you are a business and are looking for some tips on how to maintain cleanliness at workplace, here is how you can do it:

Use of disinfectants

It is essential to disinfect high touch surfaces or common areas from time to time as these have a high potential of spreading germ borne diseases and illness to the person in contact. An effective and EPA compliant disinfectant should be used regularly to lessen the chances of spread of germs.

Promote organised workspaces

Organised workplaces and common areas promote sense of well-being in the employees and boosts their morale. Chance of threats to go unnoticed is such areas is very high and it is important to pay attention to them before it poses a risk to the health of employees. Organised workspaces help employees to concentrate better and be more productive.

Regular cleaning and maintenance

Efforts should be put in regular cleaning and maintenance of the surroundings. The janitorial staff should be very efficient with regular cleaning of the workspaces. It is also advised for the companies which use heavy machinery to get pressure cleaning services in Newcastle from time to time so that the workplace looks clean and hygienic.

Perfect waste disposal plan

Undisposed waste is the ideal place for bacteria and pests to breed and can pose a threat to the health of employees. To begin with, make sure to place dustbins throughout the premises and common areas of the company. Then, the janitorial staff should be instructed to empty the trash regularly and to make sure that the trash is disposed correctly.

Air filtering

Air filters should be placed throughout the premises of the company in order to prevent air borne diseases. Regular cleaning and timely replacement of air filters should be done in order to ensure a healthy ventilation system. It also keeps the humidity in check and microbial growth is restricted.

It is not wise to overlook the importance of cleanliness in the health and productivity of employees. If you are thinking of saving money by cutting down on cleaning costs, be aware that it will cost you more in the long run due to loss of business because of poor productivity and absenteeism by the employees.

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