How Climate Change Is Affecting How We Travel

How Climate Change Is Affecting How We Travel

How climate change is affecting how we travel

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues the earth is currently facing. With rising sea levels, higher ocean temperatures, rising maximum temperatures as well as shrinking glaciers, this threat affects everyone.

Humans are the direct cause of these problems. However, it is becoming more apparent that people are willing to change their ways to protect the earth for future generations. Recent international agreements like the COP26 summit highlight this shift.

A major factor in polluting the planet is air travel. Whether it be for business or pleasure, the average plane can emit 90 kilograms of CO2 every hour it’s in the sky. With that in mind, people have been looking for better ways to travel…

Alternative travel methods

There are many ways to travel overseas now. Whilst a plane is undoubtedly the fastest, its pollution levels are sky-high compared to other methods. Here are some more eco-friendlier ways to travel.

  • Bus
  • Train
  • Car

The C02 emissions from these modes of transport are significantly lower than an aeroplane. Some trains and buses produce zero emissions and one day, they will all be this way. Trains however, will cut a lot of the time compared to buses which is why they are one of the most popular transportation methods.


The pandemic made staycations a viable option for many people once again. This is highlighted with the number of searches for ‘staycation’ going up 83% as people began booking their summer getaways.

Staycations are a sustainable way to go on vacation whilst cutting down transportation emissions. Often people will simply drive to their desired location in a motorhome where they’ll have their transport and living space in one place. This also makes it a cheaper getaway with fuel prices and motorhome insurance being the only significant costs.

Sustainable travel holidays

Not all travel holidays are unsustainable. Sure, travelling to a location via plane will harm the environment but if what you do when you land is eco-conscientious compared to just sitting by a beach. Then is it okay?

There are a few initiatives that mean you’ll have a sustainable impact on the world despite having to travel large distances to get there. These include:

  • Agritourism – Travel to farms or ranches that require assistance and support their project.
  • Voluntourism – Typically for a charity, you can travel abroad to nations that are in desperate need of help.

Whilst travelling abroad can have negative implications on our climate. It does not mean we should stop travelling altogether. We must just be smarter in the way we do it.


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