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How Could Insoles Help To Combat Flat Feet?

How Could Insoles Help To Combat Flat Feet?

Flat feet affect a large number of people per year with a number of them experiencing this from the age of 5 upwards, this can follow someone rough into their adult life if not cared for correctly. With a number of insoles to choose from as well as stretches to help build up the muscles, you can begin to repair the arch and lessen pain in no time. In this article, we will be providing you with more information about how insoles can help with flat feet. 

Support The Foot Where The Arch Should Be 

One of the main ways that arch support insoles can help you to combat the problem of flat feet is through correcting the position of the foot as you walk. By placing the insoles in your shoe, it can help to strengthen the foot and prevent overpronation as you walk. Though this can take time to correct fully, having these in the shoes will help to straighten the foot and help to build up the surrounding muscles. 

Helps To Distribute Body Weight Evenly 

Though distributing your weight evenly can be difficult with flat feet, using insoles to your advantage can help to distribute the weight around your whole foot and alleviate the stress that can be present in the arch. This can not only help to make sure your foot is supported in the shoe, but it helps to ensure that the muscles are stretched and build up the arch. Using insoles on a regular basis can help to support your body weight and make exercising more comfortable in the long term allowing you to build up the arches. 

Helps Provide Comfort Inside The Shoe 

When shoes are too loose, this can lead to the foot becoming damaged as the muscles are working overtime to keep the shoe on the foot. However, by imputing full insoles or even ¾ insoles, into your shoes, this can help to ensure that your shoes are the right size. In addition to this, the bottom of the insole provides grip to the sole of the shoe to support all the muscles in the foot as you walk. Whether these are purchased from a provider or they are given to you by a physiotherapist, this can help to ensure your arches and feet are supported. 

Reduces Pain In The Muscles 

When you have flat feet you often suffer from a large amount of muscle pain as the muscles are not being supported. However, when using insoles, the muscles are being stretched with every step. This not only supports the foot and reduces the pressure on the muscle, but it also helps to repair the collapsed arch and strengthen all the surrounding muscles to prevent this from happening again. 

In addition to the use of insoles, there are also a number of stretches that you can do throughout the day to build up the arches and strengthen muscles. With calf and ankle stretched as well as ball rolls and stair arch rise this can help to lift the arch and strengthen the muscles when walking around barefoot at home. 

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that insoles can help you to rebuild fallen arches as well as lessen the pain that is often associated with walking or exercising making this a worthwhile investment for anyone experiencing this level of pain. 


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