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How do I find a strata manager In NSW?

How do I find a strata manager In NSW?

Strata managers are vital components of body corporates and living communities. Their role is to handle the day-to-day operation of the owners’ corporation and to be a point of contact between the body corporate and the residents. A prosperous strata and a well-run owners’ corporation all depend on an influential strata manager to actualise.

Once you have established an owners’ corporation, it is best to seek out a professional capable of running the corporation in the best way they can. Finding a strata manager is a process that the body corporate must undertake with the utmost care. Your selection process must be thorough so as to certify that you are bringing on board only the most qualified people. 

The best palace to start is to make a list of qualities that you are looking for in your strata manager. You can use this list to consider the options available before making a final choice. A strata manager should have such qualities as:


Successfully managing a strata or owners’ community is best achieved when the manager has some previous experience from which they can draw. Experience gives a strata manager the tools to keep the strata at its best, as they are better able to anticipate the community’s needs while keeping them compliant. Your candidate should ideally have some experience in handling different property types. The experience equips them to adapt their capabilities as needed.


The role of a strata manager puts them in contact with many people from within and outside the strata. They must maintain a professional stance at all times during these interactions and when they are representing the owners’ corporation. The more professionalism a strata manager has, the more trust they can foster from those whom they serve.


Your body corporate may call upon your strata manager to fulfil roles like acting as a messenger, intermediary or mediator. They can only perform these roles if they have good communication skills. They must be able to express themselves clearly and demonstrate a reasonable level of patience. This patience and clarity are vital in cases where they are called upon to help resolve disputes or enforce the strata’s rules.


Strata managers should be dedicated and willing to execute the duties of their office effectively and conscientiously. The role of a strata manager is multi-faceted, requiring them to wear many hats at the same time. They must have the dedication to commit to their job so that nothing falls on the wayside.


Your strata manager must have the foresight to be involved in matters that are crucial to the running of the strata. They cannot choose to take a back seat while allowing things to happen around them without understanding the impact these things may have on the community. The owners’ corporation must ensure that the strata manager is furnished with all pertinent information about the strata. This way, they are better able to act accordingly.

With this list of qualities gathered, the body corporate may make another list of companies and individuals in their area offering strata management services. The owner’s corporation can then collect proposals from everyone on their list before conducting research and interviews to find the best fit for their strata. This guide increases the likelihood of choosing a top-tier strata manager.


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