How Do Novices Purchase Atomizers Accurately?

How Do Novices Purchase Atomizers Accurately?

The atomizer is an important part of vapes. Choosing a suitable atomizer will get a pleasant vape experience. However, the current vapes are very rich and varied, which makes it impossible for lots of newcomers purchase atomizers accurately who want to try vapes. In recent days, vapeciga is selling is selling a RDA which is named Yachtvape Meshlock RDA. It retains exquisite design and high quality.

Now the number of vapes are springing up everywhere, and plentiful “nouns” such as RBA, RDA, RTA, have increased the difficulty of selection. In fact, the atomizer can be classified according to function or form. As long as the function classification of the atomizer is clarified, it can be easily judged when purchasing, so I am here to provide some atomizer related basic knowledge.

 Taste and Smoke

The atomizers are classified according to functions. It can be classified into two types: “taste” and “mass smoke”.

The so-called taste-type atomizers are usually used in a manner similar to cigarettes, and are inhaled by the mouth. These atomizers are mainly used as a substitute for cigarettes.

Large smoke atomizers are usually used in a “lung suction” mode where the user inhales the smoke directly into the lungs and then spits it out. Since the amount of smoke is much larger than that of a mouth-feeling atomizer, it is usually used to “play” smoke or practice and perform “fancy” techniques. Of course, due to the large amount of smoke, many people use a large aerosol atomizer to experience a rich taste. Therefore, “taste” and “big smoke” are only relative, and it does not necessarily mean that the large-smoke atomizer is inferior to the taste.

Recommendation: Novices to buy vapes, first of all determine their own use. Is used to replace the smoke or to “play”. If it is for replacing the smoke, then you can choose the taste-type atomizer. If you feel that the vape is fun, the smoke is big and cool, then you can choose the large-smoke atomizer. 


According to the structure, the atomizer can be divided into two types: “RTA” and “RDA”.

When it comes to RTA, many people tend to think of “taste-type” atomizers, because most of the taste-type atomizers are this standard RTA structure. In fact, it is not only the taste atomizer that can store oil. Recently, popular large smoke RDTA also has a storage tank, so the RTA is an atomizer with a tank.

The RDA is usually composed of a base and an outer bin. There is no structure such as an RTA bin, a flue and an atomized inner bin. The RTA tank on the base and the cotton on the atomizing core are used to store a small amount of smoke oil. After a few mouthfuls, you need to open the warehouse to drop the oil into the cotton, so it is called “RDA”. Since there is no need to atomize the inner bin, the flue and the RTA bin. Because the atomizing core of the RDA has a large space for making a plurality of heating wire coils and a complicated fancy coil.

Early RTA were more widely used in the application of taste-type atomizers due to structural limitations. However, with the renewal of atomizer structure and technology in the past few years, some RDTAs have the functions of RDAs. The base structure also has an RTA tank and an atomized inner chamber, which achieves the level of conventional  RDA in the amount of smoke, and has a richer taste. It is also as convenient as RDA in making the atomizing core. Although RDTA is structurally limited in extreme smoke and cannot be comparable to drip, it is fully functional in everyday use and is easy to use and easy to carry.

Recommendation: To choose whether to store oil or drip, first of all, it is necessary to distinguish the user’s own need. If it is only used for replacing cigarettes, the taste-type RTA can be selected to meet the needs of use. If you like big smoke, then you should consider whether to use the RDTA or RDA.  

The RDA has a simple structure and few parts, so it is very convenient for daily use and cleaning. Moreover, when the cotton is dried, it is possible to replace different oils and oils, and it is not necessary to clean the oil tank like an RTA.

The RDTA has a storage tank, which can obtain the same large smoke as the RDA, and can get a good taste. It does not need to open the drip frequently, which is convenient when used. However, RDTA tends to be much larger than the RDA. Even the mini RDTA is larger than the RDA, the portability is relatively poor, and some users do not accept the RDTA. Therefore, it is necessary to be convenient or to look at the user’s own intentions. 

The atomizer is divided into two types according to the structure. It can be divided into two types: RDA and RTA. According to the purpose, it can be divided into two types: taste-type atomizer and big smoke atomizer. According to the atomizing core used, it can be divided into two types. There are two types of finished atomizers and RBA homemade atomizers. Although it may seem complicated, as long as the use is determined, the choice will be clearer. I hope this article will help more people pick the first atomizer that suits them.


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