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How Do You Run a Nanny Background Check?

How Do You Run a Nanny Background Check?

Employers are always ready and willing to screen job candidates – this is not surprising, as failing to screen comes with a huge risk. What’s more, the risk of skipping the background check of a potential caregiver is no less concerning. You need to be very careful about what kind of person you’re letting into your home, especially considering they’ll be interacting with your children when you’re not there.   

Many parents hire nannies based on recommendations from other people, good references, and interviews. However, none of these options will tell you much about the person’s past. Here’s a quick guide on how to run a background check on a potential caregiver.

Get Their Personal Information

To run a background check, you will need their personal details, such as their name, date of birth, phone number, address, and Social Security number. You should ask to see their official photo ID, such as a driver’s license or ID card. Other valid forms of ID include a passport, a green card, an immigration card, an ID card from the Department of Motor Vehicles, or an alien registration card. You should also write down the relevant ID numbers.

If you need your nanny to drive, she must have a clean driving record. To check this, you can call the DMV to inquire about her insurance and license. You could also make a list of places where she has lived over the past few years and check for the relevant licensing with the Board of Nursing or another responsible body.

Interview Her Carefully

During the interview, it is best to ask questions related to real-life situations. Specifically, you can ask her how she would deal with a cranky child, whether she thinks it is appropriate to ever spank a child, and how she would check their temperature if she suspected a fever.

Hire a Background Check Service

You might think about getting a specialized service to perform a background check if you don’t have enough free time. The identity check and criminal records check are the most basic components of background screening. The background check company will ask your candidate for permission to release her information. This type of screening should be mandatory for all nannies and other caregivers.

Know the Required Checks

Background checks vary from state to state. For instance, nannies providing services in California are screened through the Child Abuse Central Index. If they don’t want to be screened, they can’t expect any childcare facility to hire them. The Department of Justice provides information about reports of child abuse in the wake of this screening. Nannies who are cleared for criminal history are allowed to work, live, or volunteer in a licensed facility. 

The thoroughness of the screening depends on many things. Two of the main factors are the number of details you’re looking for and the background check company – in case you decide to work with one. Most background check companies will look for misdemeanors or felonies committed in the last ten years.If any concerns emerge after you talk to your child about the nanny and the possibility of receiving her care, you should address these with her. If you still believe she’s a good fit for the job, you can look for ways to address the issues that have arisen. You want your child to get the proper care, so it is best to work on making everyone in this situation more comfortable.

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