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How Does Hemp Oil Affect Mental Health?



In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in a routine that demands success and consistency. If you pause for a moment, you will feel like you have missed a chance to outdo yourself. We are constantly on a path to prove to ourselves and others that we can do it all. 

However, this lifestyle has been taking a toll on most minds and that has caused many millennials to burnout. As a result, depression and anxiety are dominant mental illnesses. Hemp oil is a popular supplement that helps calm you down and reduce your anxiety and depression episodes.

Hemp oil comes from one of the many strains of the cannabis family; the major players of the cannabis family are hemp and marijuana. Hemp oil is popular because of the ease of access, and its benefits (minus the intoxication). Recently, people have become more aware of the difference between marijuana and hemp; hence, people think that both the strains of cannabis are capable of giving you a high.

People who use THC infused products for any mental health problems will experience a high that will be brief and they are not the best option to treat anxiety and depression symptoms. Sometimes, smoking THC or eating edibles that contain THC may elevate your mental illness and you may even experience bouts of paranoia. Thus, CBD products have gained popularity because their benefits are relatively long lasting without any psychoactive reaction.

Hemp oil:

Also known as CBD oil consists of high CBD levels and low THC levels. They are fairly legal in most states, for sale and distribution; this is because good quality CBD products have less than 0.3 percent of THC which is the legal amount and will not intoxicate you as well. Since hemp oilproducts are non-psychoactive they don’t affect your state of mind. Even though there are still ongoing studies on the effects of CBD oil, the results so far have shown positive improvements in the body and mind, along with vital medical benefits.

Forms of hemp oil:

CBD is usually consumed in the form of hemp oil, which can also be smoked and vaped. But for the patients who don’t want to inhale or smoke the oil, you can get oil infused oral droppers, sprays, topical lotions, and massage oils.

How does hemp oilwork?

Cannabinoids, when consumed, attach themselves to the brain receptors and encourage it to release endocannabinoids that reduce inflammation, mental distress, and chronic pain. CBD affects two main receptors in the brain CB1 and CB2. The CB1 receptors deal with coordination, motion, and pain. CB2 receptors affect the immune system the most and deal with swelling and pain.

It’s important to note that CBD in hempoildoesn’t affect the brain directly but rather encourages it to releases its own cannabinoids.

Is it legal?

A mentioned before, CBD is fairly legal as long as the THC levels are kept at the bare minimum. Any cannabis product that has high levels of THC is known to be psychoactive and is not allowed to be sold.

Will hemp oilimprove your mental health?

There is ongoing research on the mental health benefits that come from CBD but whatever research and results that are found so far have shown positive effects on the body and mind from CBD oil/hemp oil. CBD oils have been known to decrease symptoms that are caused due to psychosis and schizophrenia. CBD oils also help decrease anxiety and depression as well as reduce the tendency towards substance use disorders.

What is the dose you should take?

This is a tricky question because technically, CBD products are not FDA regulated or approved. This means that the government does not regulate the dosage and production of the oil. Similarly, there is no standard dosage that comes with using hemp oil; even the form of delivery is not a generic element; it varies from oral drops to topical lotions. So, if you’re new to hemp oil it’s always recommended that you start off with a minimal dosage and build up from there till you feel evident results coming through. Try not to overdo it initially; you can avoid any side effects this way.

Also, when you purchase CBD oils, you have to conduct thorough research. There are many brands that claim to sell good quality CBD oils, but most of them will have some type of contaminants. If you’re on medications, then it’s important that you consult with your physician before you decide to purchase it. By doing this, you will know the proper dosage to use as well.

CBD oil treats mental illness in the following ways:

Consult your psychiatrist before you decide to take CBD oils or any other over the counter supplements. You have to know that CBD products are not regulated by the FDA; hence. there is no prescribed dosage. It also helps if you know the legal constraints in your location when it comes to CBD oil and CBD products.

Research studies have shown positive results that say it helps reduce feelings of isolation and relieves autism symptoms as well. CBD also reduces the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, hemp oil calms the brain and supports healthy emotion and memory. Studies have also shown that CBD can be used to lower social anxiety. People tend to take harsh medication and usually face adverse side effects, hemp oil is natural (at least the good quality ones) and they tend to have little to no side effects.

CBD treatments may have a few side effects, but they are known to reduce weight gain or any hormonal irregularities. CBD oil is still being tested and the benefits it has for childhood epilepsy is still being brought to light.

CBD has very little amounts of THC and this means that it will almost never be found in a positive drug test, but if you have marijuana, then it will show up. If you’re still unsure, then you can have a word with your employers with the use of CBD oil during work hours.


Mollie’s Fund Brings Skin Cancer Awareness to Forefront




For over 20 years, Mollie’s Fund has been at the forefront of melanoma awareness and making a difference in melanoma education – partnering with esteemed healthcare providers and medical institutions to educate all ages on the importance of sun safety, provide free skin cancer screenings, and connect patients to the latest treatment innovations and compassionate support.

They are a team of crusaders on a mission to increase awareness of melanoma prevention, provide information and services for skin cancer prevention, and support melanoma patients by connecting them to the latest treatments.

The organization began in honor of Mollie who discovered a mole on her thigh one day in collage. In the following six months, she underwent surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. The Mollie Biggane Melanoma Foundation was created in her memory after her tragic death at the age of twenty. Since 2001, Mollie’s Fund has worked tirelessly to help prevent such a tragedy from impacting other families.

On May 30, they will host an event to raise funds and make a difference.

Join Mollie’s Fund for a pig roast from Buddy’s BBQ and live country music from Unwined from 6:30pm to 10:30pm at the Garden City Country Club.



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The BioCharger An Electrical Healing Device That Does Remarkable Things



I wrote about the bio charger, back in July of last year, but had a chance to use it again ar the Wellness and Travel Media Event. This machine uses energy to heal and dextox.

Science has confirmed the existence of a subtle energy fields around all living organisms, similar to the energy field recorded using thermal imaging technology. When optimal, this energy regulates cellular functions. But if it’s lacking or imbalanced, it causes cellular dysfunction, which decreases physical performance, injury recovery and overall well-being. The emerging field of energy medicine (EM) involves assessing and treating energy imbalances so that the body’s systems achieve homeostasis. This builds upon the work of Nobel Prize scientist Otto Von Warburg, who discovered that normal, healthy cells have trans-membrane potentials of approximately 70 to 100 millivolts, while fatigued, sick cells exhibit progressively lower voltages, which drop to as low as 15 millivolts in the case of cancer or disease. A prime example of what is happening now is the interference of 5G.

The BioCharger is a subtle energy revitalization platform that uses four types of transmitted energy—light, Voltage, frequencies, harmonics and Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs)—to stimulate and invigorate the body. A touch-free, safe, rejuvenating full-body treatment, BioCharger supports the recovery of strength, stamina, coordination and mental clarity. During BioCharger sessions, members experience a customized electromagnetic field that bathes the full body in frequencies designed to restore
homeostasis. Users have reported measurable improvements in energy levels, fatigue and overall well-being.

Health and Wellness Benefits
• Boosts performance and recovery: our clients consist of Olympic and professional athletes within the NFL, World Surf League, MLB, and NBA who use the BioCharger to accelerate muscle
recovery and reduce stiffness in joints
• Enhances mind-body balance: Aligns body and mind down to the cellular level
• Improves well-being: Delivers a variety of health-related benefits, including improved sleep and
stress reduction2
• Increases energy: Revitalizes cells and restores homeostasis, which can impact energy levels3

I only know one place to use this machine and that is at Ostrostrong, but it is definitely worth checking into.

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Sleep Well With Parallel



Finding the perfect pillow can be a pain in the neck (literally). It is said we get the deepest, healthiest sleep with a pillow that provides the perfect combination of softness and firmness, as well as the ideal loft to help support your neck and spine.

“One size fits all” doesn’t cut it for those who suffer from neck pain. If you didn’t have neck pain before using an inexpensive pillow, you probably will not getting the proper support.

Memory foam pillows have been the best pillow for neck pain, but adjustable memory foam pillows help the side, stomach, or back sleeper relieve neck pain. They however are not thermal regulating or hypoallergenic, which I have learned for me is key.

I have never had a pillow that I love as much as the Parallel pillow. I have the Parallel High Profile Adjustable Pillow($89) and since it has arrived I have slept like never before. I use awake with neck and shoulder pains….no longer. I also use to flip again….gone.

When the pillow arrives, you throw it into the dryer for 5 minutes and wow the pillow is fluffy and ready for use.

This pillow has an inner shell that contains ParaPur™ silver ions that naturally destroy 99.9% of microbes that cause odors, without nasty chemicals. Silver ions have a wide spectrum of biocidal activity against bacteria, fungi, and viruses, due to their high surface-to-volume ratio. Pure silver is also hypoallergenic. The sculptable, huggable Blutech Fiber Fill (BFF) inside the Parallel High Profile Pillow is a unique blend of downy hypoallergenic fibres and precision-cut gel visco foam that invites twice the airflow of conventional foam. You’ll feel the awesomeness immediately.

The pillow also boasts:

  • The perfect temperature, year-round. Never cold or hot
  • Easily adjustable pillow: add or remove fill for perfect support
  • Oodles of sculptable Blutech Fusion Fill (BFF) with 2X the airflow
  • Doesn’t go flat
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Wellsystem Waterbed Massage That Makes Your Body Feel Like You Are In Heaven



Yesterday at the Wellness and Travel Media Event I was offered to try the Wellsystem Waterbed Massage. Having to get up at 6am in the morning and not being a morning person, I was dragging by 11am. Then I tried the Wellsystem Waterbed Massage and was sent into nirvana.

In this world stress, bad posture, lack of exercise and 5G are causing more and more people to experience tension and pain in their neck, shoulders back and legs. Wellsystem‘s dry water massage uses heat and water power for a relaxing full, or partial, body massage. I had a five minute session and was brought back to life.

Warm water jets hit the underside of the soft natural rubber surface in even movements. They massage the body from head to toe while you float almost weightlessly on the dry water surface. The soothing warmth and gentle power of the water activates the deeper tissue layers and loosens the entire muscle system. The contactless dry water massage is exceptionally hygienic and an ideal supplement or alternative to manual therapy. 

Right now there isn’t a spa that has this in New York, but hopefully soon as this bed really did the trick.

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Voices for Victoria Launches Call-To-Action Campaign Ahead of June 6th: National Naloxone Awareness Day



In today’s America, there is an urgent ongoing crisis which can no longer go on. Within the last year, it was reported that over 112,000 lives were lost to opioid- and fentanyl-related overdoses. This epidemic is affecting everyone from all walks of life, leaving all vulnerable to the horrific nature of what has become a sad mark on our country’s history.

The crucial time to turn this statistic around and to create a better tomorrow has arrived, and we’re all responsible for answering the call. Voices for Victoria is a movement that was initiated by philanthropist Nancy Ross in support of the Victoria’s Voice Foundation, a non-profit organization founded with a mission of educating individuals on substance abuse prevention and addiction resources.

Dedicated to spreading awareness about opioid overdose reversal medications like Naloxone, Victoria’s Voice is collectively working day and night to bring attention to a mass movement for change. In need of assistance from advocates, celebrities, and government officials alike, the organization is asking for individuals to join the mission to generate more education and accessibility for Naloxone. At the same time the trailblazers are educating communities about its life-saving potential. They firmly believe that everyone deserves to have access to this vital medication.

For Ross—a mother, investigative journalist, philanthropist, and overdose awareness advocate—the fight to save the next generation is one that hits close to home.

“It’s so important that we are creating the kind of world that’s conducive for not only our children to inhabit, but generations upon generations of teenagers who are going to eventually learn about the impacts of substance addiction,” Ross asserts. “As a mom, I want to know that I’m helping to create a better world for my three children, and for the many students and community members whom this has already affected. We have to fight to save people from the clutches of this epidemic.”

By kickstarting an empowering #VoicesForVictoria social media campaign, this initiative sends a powerful message to communities across the nation that tangible reform is just around the corner, and that no one life should go overlooked. Using a platform has the influence to make a real difference in this fight against opioid overdose deaths.

“I learned about Naloxone after attending an event for Victoria’s Voice, and was blown away by the work they were doing in the community,” Ross says. “Imagine, Victoria could’ve been my own child. The thought that parents are losing their children due to a simple lack of awareness surrounding Naloxone is heartbreaking, but Voices for Victoria is working to remedy that. We are going to make a real difference through this movement.”

As both a parent and public figure, Ross feels responsible for helping to spread the word. As she joins with Victoria’s Voice, the philanthropist seeks to get others to respond to the call of advocacy, and to get the message about Naloxone out to every part of this country.

By reaching wider audiences, #VoicesForVictoria allows even more individuals to join the movement and encourage others to learn more about the life-saving capabilities of Naloxone. From neighbors to friends to loved ones, involvement with this campaign has the profound ability to save millions of people from succumbing to preventable deaths. Through Naloxone awareness, Victoria’s Voice.

Various initiatives leading up to National Naloxone Awareness Day on June 6 are in the works, with one such notable event featuring media personality and the “Wolf of Wall Street,” Jordan Belfort, with a live TikTok and Q&A session on Saturday, May 18 at 3pm EST. Belfort is helping to lead the charge to help save the next generation before it is too late. The critical information will be on his feed in front of his 3.6 million followers on his TikTok account, @wolfofwallstreet.

Victoria’s Voice was founded after Victoria Siegel—the daughter of “The Real Queen of Versailles” icon Jackie Siegel—passed away from a drug overdose on June 6, 2015, at just 18 years old. Victoria was just one of 129 Americans who lost their lives to  a drug overdose on that day. Since then, a staggering number of families across the United States have lost a loved one to overdose. In fact, nearly 300 people die from a drug overdose every single day in this country.

Join the movement today, and save lives with Voices for Victoria on the Victoria’s Voice Foundation official website.

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