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How Does Highest Freefall Parachute Jump Feels

How Does Highest Freefall Parachute Jump Feels

There is no debating that California is known for its beautiful weather and many activities in the sun. Although there’s sunbathing at the beach, picnics in the park, as well as swimming and camping, why not check off that bucket list by doing something totally out of the norm? Like skydiving? 

 Freefall and parachute skydive is one of those activities that you can enjoy with friends and family while receiving a memorable experience that you can talk about for years to come. So the question next is where and which skydive to select.

 There are several skydive centers located within California. But if you are looking for the best rates and experience available within the state, look no further than Monterey Bay Skydive Center. Monterey has been in business for 20 years and are no newbies to the freefall skydiving industry. At Monterey Bay, you will enjoy the Highest Freefall Parachute Jump available in California, with a close ocean location and an 18,000 ft high skydive. This is a ratio of at least (40-125%) higher than the competition. This means that your freefall will be, on average, 45 seconds longer than your usual skydive parachute jump.

 Monterey Bay kick starts off your entire ordeal by setting you on your way up from the airport, which resides upon eye wandering sand dunes. Although it’s highly recommended to take advantage of experiencing the highest jump that can be offered, 

you will reach the desired altitude of your choice courtesy of The King Air 200 plane. This plane provides the fastest diving from the highest altitude in just 9 minutes. You will enjoy oceanside views over Santa Lucia Mountain Range, Big Sur, Historic Monterey, Carmel Valley, and the Santa Cruz beaches.

 As the Highest Freefall Parachute Jump in the Bay Area, M.B. also offers clients the ability to jump supervision free, via our Monterey Bay solo skydiving license. This AFF program offers seven levels of training that differentiates in training skills to equip the diver with all the training needed to graduate as a licensed pro skydiver. The program is affordable and flexible, with the main requirement being that you must be 18 or older, and first skydive with the renowned skydive/freefall center at least one time. 

 If it is your first time jumping, or you are inexperienced, you will be met with a tandem instructor. If you decide you are not prepared to jump from the highest peak of Montereys 18,000 ft dive, you are welcome to choose preset diving points, which range from 5,00-13,000. 

Your parachute will be deployed within 500 feet above the ground, with the parachute dive lasting within 90 seconds of the skydive, and lasting up to 8 minutes. You are sure to be enthralled by all the attractions nearby that are within the view of your jump, 

While enjoying the freedom that you will feel with confidence that you are among a professional instructor who will ensure your safety.

 In addition to the lavish and accommodating service, skydivers will also have the opportunity to get photos and video footage of their skydiving experience to share with the world. The videos and photos receive complimentary editing, which only takes 30 minutes to finalize. What’s great about these photos is that you are contrary to the standard selfie camera view provided by most skydive centers. These photos taken from a distant view to capture the most magical moments of your skydiving action live in motion. 

 Skydiving is one of the most exhilarating activities you can engage in during your lifetime. So, if you are looking to engage in this hobby, why not select the best Skydive center known to the California area? Still, have worries about skydiving at Monterey and have questions? Look on their website to find FAQ’s concerning every area of need. Also, you can make a phone call to inquire about what to expect from Monterey Bay Highest Freefall Parachute Jump. Lastly, be sure to book your session today to see for yourself just how magnificent the highest skydive parachute site is!


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