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How Does Technology Influence Your Life?

How Does Technology Influence Your Life?

What are you like with today’s technology? Do you throw yourself into it and embrace it all into your home and work place? Or, do you try and steer clear of it and run for the hills when people talk about the latest this and latest that?

There are many people around that wait on the edges of their seat in anticipation of what’s going to be released next. Then you have some, which admittedly is more the older generation who don’t! Technology is supposedly here to help us, and improve our lives. Is this really the case, or are we heading down a path that there will be no turning back from? There are many questions surrounding the technology boost and what it’s actually doing for our society and indeed civilisation.

Like social media we heavily rely on, and for what we are giving all our information, ideas, secrets and anything else we have to say. Is this a good thing to do, giving someone somewhere the control of everything inside our brains. The fact that Mark Zuckerberg has been heavily in the news on Facebook and its data protection practices is some kind of warning light! Plus, these days our children are all about Facebook and social media. But these young adults have not lived enough to have the filters us adults use to refrain ourselves when posting our lives secrets.

Not only Facebook but there are a multitude of social sites that will allow pretty much anyone an account as long as you can confirm it. This is not something hard to do if you know just how. It’s not just social media that’s an example of how we reply to heavily on technology.

There are many things in our daily lives at home and at work and the journey in-between. Now we have automated taxis, and vehicles that take us places with no human driver! To some this may seem like a break through, and to others this will seem like something from a horror movie. Will this automated taxi take me where I want to go, or take a wrong turn and drive me or in a sense kidnap me or totally go wrong and crash? Sadly we have seen this happen.

We have all seen the blockbuster Movie series called the Terminator where machines are trying to take over the world. Is this a reality we are facing in a hundred years, because devices and machines are becoming clever. They already have brains, obviously not like our own but micro chips are the brains of machines and devices. Today almost everything that’s electronic has one of these, someone could use this fact to their advantage.

People already can steel our digital identity, use our account information to invade our life and use it against us by posting on our social sites without us knowing. Take our banking details and buy holidays, mobile phones and posh dinners out in fancy restaurants, play online slots. These should all be secured against things like happening, to our knowledge no one has managed to infiltrate a mobile casino as they use 265bit SSL encryption technologies, but again we are relying on this thing called technology again.

We will wake up and see that some technology may be bad for us, and that it influences our lives far too much. I think only time will tell.


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