How does the Interior Design of a Home Affect the Mental Health of the Occupants?

How does the Interior Design of a Home Affect the Mental Health of the Occupants?

We have tried mindfulness yoga, Tai Chi, barefoot walks and weekly detoxification routines, but nothing seems to work more than a peaceful home. Now the question remains, what is a peaceful dwelling? It turns out that aesthetics and interior décor of a house has a lot to do with the occupant’s mental health. Some people believe that it is the size of an apartment, while others think it is the availability of a garden in front of their house. Real estate might have something to do with Feng Shui, but its contribution to mental health is controversial.

No matter how small or how big your abode is, you need to take only a few steps to turn it into your Chi booster.

Choose brighter but calmer colors

Pastels will never go out of fashion, but you can color block walls by choosing a more brilliant hue to complement a pastel shade wall. Blue is one color that sits well with mental peace. So, if you already have light powder blue walls in your bedroom, think of turning the wall opposite your bed into a deeper shade of blue. It will add a sense of depth and comfort to space immediately. The color choice will depend on the natural flow of light, the furniture in the room and the purpose of the same. Therefore, always check with a recommended interior designer company before you pick a color for your bedroom or your kid’s room.

Invest in flooring

Studies show that darker floors have a better impact on mental health. You can throw in a shaggy rug in light grey or light green to add an element of nature into the room. Wooden elements contribute to the mental strength and personal growth. Therefore, try to remove negative space from the arrangement of furniture. Eliminating dead space removes negative energy from a room. Avoid placing statement furniture pieces directly against the wall.

Create a sense of space

Adding colorful rugs, carved wooden room separators, sheer drapes and natural bamboo separators will enhance separation of space without restricting the natural flow of light and air. Free flow of energy across the rooms is essential for fostering positive energy. Spacial perception is not a new concept, but when you add a simulation of natural environments to create that idea, it changes the game altogether.

Do not forget the plants

Plants can significantly change the mood of a room. Apart from the bamboo separators, you need to think about potted palms, oxygen-boosting creepers, and little herb gardens near the kitchen window and hanging plants in the living room. The smart placement of plants can change the way your home looks and feels right now. As you must already know that some plants are the best natural air purifiers, there is probably no harm in keeping a few, although they will require a bit of cleaning, watering, and pruning.

Redecorating a home is not a difficult task, but revamping it to reflect the occupant’s personality is. Fostering great mental health through ergonomic changes around the house can be a bit challenging without professional interior decorating help. Nonetheless, these four simple steps should be able to help you transform your home into a haven of positivity.


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