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How Dogs Read Human Body Language? Is Your Dog Reading You Like A Book?

How Dogs Read Human Body Language? Is Your Dog Reading You Like A Book?

Even though dogs don’t speak our language they’re still always communicating. They speak dog. Dogs use energy and body language to communicate with human beings. They have elaborate ways of expressing to you what they’re feeling and can communicate to us when they’re happy, curious anxious, afraid, angry and so much more. This they do so effectively by conveying their emotional states using almost every part of their bodies. In this article, we’re going to show you a bit on how to read body language. Reading their body language is often times confusing because it happens to be a very complex and sophisticated system of non-verbal communication. Let’s take a look at what you should be looking out for.


When a dog is confident it stands up straight and tall with its eyes bright, head held high and ears perked up. The mouth, though relaxed, may be opened slightly. Their tail may curl loosely, sway gently or hang in relaxed positions. A dog when in this state is usually non-threatening, friendly and at complete ease with all of their surrounding environment.        


Happy dogs will typically convey very similar signs to those that confident dogs normally show. In addition to all of that, the dog may pant lightly as well as politely wag its tail. Happy dogs appear even more content and friendlier than dogs that are confident. When in this state they show no signs of anxiety whatsoever.         


Dogs that are playful are joyful and happy. Their eyes are bright, their ears are straight up and they usually wag their tail rapidly. The playful dog will often time run around and jump with glee. It has an upbeat nature. They’ll normally exhibit something that’s known as the ‘play bow’. This is when it pushes its rear end up into the air, head straight ahead, front legs stretched forward and possibly a light tail wiggle. When you see this it’s most often than not an invitation for you to play.        


When a dog is anxious it will lower its head, stretch its neck out and holds its ears partially back. It may also have the appearance of a furrowed brow. Typically, anxious dogs stand in tense positions and postures with their tails tucked in. It’s common to see them showing the ‘whale eye’ (the white of their eyes), licking of their lips or yawning. Dog reading doesn’t have to be that complicated if you know exactly what to look for. Anxious dogs will often overreact to stimulus. This can then cause them to become fearful or, sometimes, even aggressive.    


Fearful dogs usually exhibit the same signs anxious dogs convey, however, with signals that are much more extreme. The dog stands low to the ground and is tense with its ears back flat and its eyes narrowed and averted. They tuck their tail in between their legs and they’re often trembling. Sometimes, they may even defecate or urinate when in this state. Fearful dogs often growl and whine and, in self-defense, might show their teeth. If threatened it may quickly turn aggressive. The best thing you can do in this scenario is to calmly remove yourself from the situation.         


Aggressive dogs normally start out as either fearful or anxious. If the fear and anxiety continue, the dog in question might start conveying signs of aggression. Aggressive dogs will firmly plant all of their feet on the ground. They’ll do this with their territory in mind and can sometimes even lunge forward. A dog in this state will have its head straight ahead, ears pinned back and their eyes piercingly narrow. Their tail will usually be held up high, straight and, in some cases, it might even be wagging. Additionally, they may snap their jaws, show their teeth, and bark or growl threateningly. Dog body language actually becomes really easy to read once you know what their movements and body postures mean.         

Dogs convey many signs when they’re trying to communicate with us. Unfortunately, most people don’t really know or understand how to effectively read these signs. Dog reading may be a complicated procedure, but it’s something that can certainly be done by almost everyone. Every time you misunderstand your dog you’re breaking down the very essence of your relationship. Hopefully, this article has shown you how not to let this happen.

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