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How Internet Speeds are Impacting UK Businesses

How Internet Speeds are Impacting UK Businesses

Poor internet connection isn’t just an “annoying lag” but is a time pit which drains businesses out of their money and earnest employees of their valuable time. As per records, on average, a UK staff employee loses 40 good minutes a day to a passive internet connection. This results in 21 wasted days a year. What causes this internet speed restriction and limitations; is a question asked by nearly every UK Business owner. To analyze this big divide in internet speed, below mentioned are our estimations: 

1K Euros vaporized in a year per business:According to a survey released by the Federation of Small Business, nearly a quater of their businesses were extremely discontent with their Internet Service Provider. Since broadband has become a more reliable network connection in the UK, in past years, a sharp proportion of users are continuously suffering from a slow speed curse. In all, this endless glitch in internet speed has cost nearly 1000 Euros to every business in one year. 

Two major outages in 2017: According to a survey conducted by Beaming (2017) within 500 businesses in the UK, around half of the small businesses have lost 82 Million productive hours to slow internet speed. The average time lost has increased by 4% from 2016, which is mainly due to the major outages and time taken to restore the services back to normal. Sonia Blizzard, MD of Beaming, was reported commenting:“Businesses today rely on the internet more than ever. But instead of getting better internet, many are simply getting better at managing the impact of a poor internet service.” and continued by saying: “Small businesses are taking steps to implement business continuity measures, but outages will undoubtedly affect their productivity. This is a hot topic when it comes to the wider economy.”

Unfortunately, small businesses in the UK at present are more involved in dealing with outage issues rather than concentrating on generating more business revenue. It is sadly a critical issue for the British economy as well since contribution towards revenue is slightly slipping away further demanding a significant resolve. 

With the reliance on the reliable internet connection is increasing over time, the impact internet speed has on the economy will become greater consequently. 

British Telecom: Another reason for internet speed fallout is a shift of British Telecom’s interest in resolving commercial internet problems to residential internet problems. Complaints (from a wholesale perceptive) are higher in residential areas than the commercial standings, which has forced BT to prioritize residential customers as unfortunately, it makes more commercial sense to them. 

What can you do as a UK Business Owner? 

Resolving internet issues is more important now than ever, as a delayed performance of employees can cause extravagant loss to your business. Relying on Governmental agencies, agendas, policies and other highly commercialized ISPs can only cause an unnatural delay. Knowing that there is a slow shift from a wider perspective in the provision of higher Internet speed, here are a few steps that you can take in order to save your online business: 

Invest in some Rival Technologies like: 

FTTP or Fibre to the premises: As of today, Fiber Optic is the highest performing internet connection. By bringing FTTP into your office, you can achieve symmetrical uploads and good download speeds.  

Cloud services or Recovery Options:Host and Cloud technology is slowly entering into the telecom space as it offers flexible recovery options in case of outages. The technology adopted by companies like M247 recently, has proven to be valuable and much-required since the thinning down of internet speed in British countries. 

FTTC or Fibre to the cabinet: This tech brings fibre-optic cable in between the cabinet and the exchange for VDSL. Companies like Openreach has successfully deployed this superfast option that is able to deliver 76Mbits/s, also depending upon the cabinet to exchange distance. 

Mobile Broadband- 3G, 4G and 5G: 5G is a promise done by many telecom companies, as it would easily provide speed up to 1Gbit/s but only available from 2020 (it is worth wait). At present, 3G and 4G options readily offer speeds from 6.1Mbits/s rising to 15.1 Mbits/s. However, these may not be a permanent solution to commercial standings, but people who work singularly or handle a team remotely can easily benefit from the 4G option. 

A Superfast Future? It is concerning that Europe’s biggest cities in terms of economic output have a poor ranking as compared to other European capitals. Privatization of the Internet is the only valid option so far. Evaluate, compare and then vote for a valid ISP.  


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