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How its made – Fire Resistant Clothing

How its made – Fire Resistant Clothing

The use of FR clothing is quite extensive these days. It is used as a protection gear by the employees to protect themselves from accidental fire hazards.

FR clothing are of different types. Based on on your workplace requirements you can choose from multiple FR fabric choices.

 In this article we will discuss the process in which FR clothing are made.

Let us now take a look at how these clothes are actually made.

Inherent fire resistant materials

Inherent flame resistant fibres like aramids are made of fibres which have flame resistant chemical structures inherently built in them.

They can be used to make heavy duty fire resistant clothes. The following is the procedure how inherent flame resistant materials are made into flame resistant clothes.


Para aramids are highly heat resistant synthetic fibers and these are used to make FR clothing for work environments where the potential risks are extremely dangerous and can lead to severe injury.

Aramids are also used to make bullet proof jackets as well, which means the fabric has high tensile strength as well.

Aramids fabric can also resist splashes of molten metal, such is the heat resistance of this material. 

For FR clothings aramids fabric is coated with a reflective coating from which the heat bounces off.

The reflective coating is added with the help of aluminium. You might think that such a thin material might not be able to protect you. But the truth is, aluminum is highly reflective and it is also wearable if fashioned correctly.

A very thin layer of aluminium is bonded with the aramids fabric and it is given a finish. The seama of the clothing is then sewn together with the help of strong flame resistant aramid fiber.

Flame resistant clothing made from nylon fibers are also manufactured using similar procedures.

Treated flame resistant materials

Treated fire resistant materials are those, which are turned into non flammable clothing by adding flame resistant substances to them.

FR cotton is a good example of treated flame resistant materials. Let us take a look at how the treated fire resistant clothing are made from flammable material.

FR Cotton

Ordinary cotton can be turn into fabrics with strong flame resistance that can protect you from flash fire and electric arcs. You can find high quality FR cotton clothing at FR Outlet.

Ordinary cotton fabric catches fire at around 407 degree celsius whi an arc flash can easily reach up to nineteen thousand celsius. 

So in order to make it flame resistant, molecules of a flame resistant substance is inserted into every single fibre of the cotton fabric.

Tetrakis phosphonium chloride or THPC is the commonly used flame retardant substance in cotton to turn it into FR cotton.

This substance, when it comes in contact with high temperature, turns the cotton fabric into non flammable carbon. This is why an FR cotton fabric produces char initially when it comes in contact with excessive heat energy.Although the fabric may turn black it actually doesn’t burn.

The use THPC as a flame retardant substance has been in use since the 60s and till date it is used widely to turn flammable fabric into non flammable ones.

All other treated fire resistant clothing are made in the same fashion using similar chemical treatment.

A flammable fabric when comes in contact with high fire exposure, they immediately start burning causing grave injuries. They do little to nothing for your safety and if work in perilous conditions safety is of utmost concern.

FR technologies are used to manufacture clothing gear which protects an individual from high intensity fires.

The aim of this article was to provide you insights as to how FR clothing is made and protect you in cases of fire exposure.

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