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How Long Should You Be Sore After A Car Accident?

How Long Should You Be Sore After A Car Accident?

Have you ever been in a car accident? If yes! then you must know how it feels. After an accident, survivors tend to not experience much pain, rather they have a sore body, and they feel shaken up. Other than that, you may also go through a lot of emotions that tend to confuse and anger you, and you may ask yourself, “why did this happen to me?”

Many things happen to your body, along with soreness, and you should be aware of it. This article deeply discusses what happens after the traumatic event and what to expect, so keep reading!

What is the extent of soreness and is it serious?

Mostly, the soreness lasts up to 2-3 days, depending on the severity of the accident. Sometimes, it might last longer, and the pain aggravates to the extent of great discomfort, causing the case to become serious; it might require serious medical attention and, in some cases, even surgery.

If you think that your discomfort might go away with time, then you have no idea of the risks. You can contact an auto injury attorney to get more help regarding your case. The attorney will help you receive the compensation required for the recovery of your injury.

Do not ignore your injuries and seek medical attention

Why risk your health? Why even think about not going to the hospital? Always seek medical attention after a car accident to be super sure you’re not seriously hurt because sometimes the injuries are internal, and you won’t even know about it ever; only a doctor will be able to identify the severity of your injury. Even if you experience a minor car accident, never be delusional enough to ignore going to the doctor.

Those who ignore the pain and delay their hospital visit will experience their wounds/injuries to aggravate and become more damaged than they were initially. This might cause many issues in your medical insurance, and the insurer might say that your current injuries result from postponed medical attention. At the time of the car accident, there weren’t any serious injuries, to begin with. This results in the insurance company not paying for your medical bill.

What Injuries Result In Soreness After An Accident?

Well! Minor car accidents result in 2-3 days of body soreness, but severe accidents will cause the body to become sore for six weeks or even longer. So it’s better that you follow your doctor’s instructions and take his medical advice seriously to get back on your feet as soon as possible. The standard tests for determining your injuries include the following:

1.         Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI

2.         X-rays (to know if there are any broken bones).

3.         Range of motion testing.

Many people fail to get their medical treatment on time. Many don’t follow their doctor’s instructions which cause them to be sore and experience pain for longer periods; plus, the insurance company also denies the claim to your medical insurance and doesn’t pay for anything. So please go to the doctor and go through the standard testing procedure; this minor step you take today will save you from many regrets in the future.

What’s The Most Common Injury To Experience After A Car Accident?

People experience whiplash most of the time after a car accident. It’s the most common injury to go through, causing the body to become sore for a longer period. Whiplash is a neck injury caused by a forceful movement of the neck (back and forth movement) that can even cause the neck to break. According to the experienced auto injury attorneys, for a whiplash injury, the car can also be moving at a slow speed, so only high speed is not required for it. This injury has been caused by so many incidents where the car moved at a low-speed rate and just took a turn or so. Your neck snaps back and forth, and the fragile tissues of your soldiers and back are damaged when the rear end of your car gets impacted by another vehicle.

Whiplash Symptoms

After the accident, your body is sore, and whiplash symptoms take some time to appear on the body. This is because after an accident, your body goes through an adrenaline rush that causes the body to fight the pain, and it takes some time for you to fully relax. Apart from soreness, there are other whiplash symptoms as well. These include the following;

·         Jaw pain

·         Experiencing nausea

·         Dizziness

·         Severe or minor headache

·         Vision becomes blurry

·         Depression

·         Insomnia

·         Pain in the jaw

·         Neck stiffness

Whiplash Treatment

The average time for people to recover from whiplash is 1-2 months. Your doctor may give you a ton of pain relievers along with muscle relaxers during the initial recovery days because those are the most painful days to go through. Other than medication and drugs, the doctor recommends many physical exercises like regular massages, chiropractic therapy, neck exercises, hot and cold therapy, etc.

Acute Whiplash may cause the patient to cease their everyday tasks like driving, working, and other normal day routines. So this can negatively affect your lifestyle and to compensate for it contact Salvi. Schostok & Pritchard P.C. – Chicago auto injury attorney to receive the proper compensation you deserve and get paid for the defendant’s expensive medical bills.

What Other Injuries to Expect After a Car Accident?

After a car accident, you can expect whiplash as it is the most common injury. However, you might experience the following as well;

1.         Torn ligaments

2.         Disc injuries

3.         Hairline fractures to the bone

4.         Strained or sprained ankles and joints.

5.         Injury to the soft tissues.

So get yourself checked out after an accident to be double sure you aren’t experiencing any of the injuries mentioned above.

When Will The Pain Go Away?

After a car accident, a certain pain level is normal to experience. In fact ! not experiencing any pain at all is considered very worrying. You will go through a painful period in the initial days but how long your body goes through it depends on the severity of the accident and other factors. These may include the following;

1.         The car’s speed

2.         Your vehicle size

3.         The size of the other vehicle that you collided with

4.         How were you sitting in the vehicle?

5.         Which position were you sitting at?

6.         If you have any previous injuries

7.         The crash location

8.         The type of car you were in

All of the points mentioned above are just assumptions, and we can never 100% figure out the extent of the injuries based on these questions. For a proper diagnosis, visit a medical center to be clear of all the doubts and risks.

My Pain has occurred Out Of Nowhere. Do I Need To Worry?

Many people go through a car accident and come out fine without any injuries or pain, yet they start feeling pain and discomfort after a little while, which is shocking and scary most of the time. It’s not a big deal and nothing to worry about as it is very common. In the beginning, they’re fine, but after a few days or weeks, it feels as if a big rock was thrown at them out of nowhere.

There are high risks of a brain injury or a spinal cord injury that don’t appear at the moment and takes a few days to show. If you’re seeing all the red flags and have not consulted a doctor or a physician yet, then get yourself checked immediately. The fact that you are starting to feel the pain now and not then (at the time of the accident) won’t make this issue any less serious.

After So Many Weeks, I Am Still In Pain

Now, we’re no doctors to tell you what to do and what not. But still, it’s common sense to expect the pain to lessen rather than aggravate or get worse. Contact your doctor immediately if the pain becomes severe suddenly, and if the pain doesn’t lessen or go away, then there are other treatments you could think about getting. This may include:

1.         Surgery

2.         Prescribed drugs and medication

3.         Physical therapy

4.         Hot or cold therapy

5.         Massage therapy

6.         Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation

7.         Chiropractic therapy

8.         Epidural steroid injections

Spinal Cord Injury As A Result Of A Car Accident

The number one cause of getting your spine injured to the extent of being paralyzed is car accidents. Your back may feel sore after the accident, but when it comes to spinal cord injury, you may experience a different type of pain, a pain that is so excruciating that you won’t be able to bear it. You may also experience severe pressure on your back. Are you experiencing any of these symptoms currently? Visit your nearest hospital right away!

Can My Accident Result In Chronic Pain?

Car accidents can be painful and quite a discomforting medical journey to go through, but in the end, you heal completely. Sometimes this might not be the case, and the accident can cause many problems to stay there forever. Chronic pain is usually caused in case of broken bones, head, back, and neck injuries. There are various ways to reduce the pain by using prescribed medicines, plus physical therapy is always an option.

For chronic injuries lasting for a lifetime, they can become seriously expensive to be treated. The regular hospital visits, buying medicines, the doctor’s fees, all of it may become too overwhelming. To treat the pain, the law permits to compensate for it, but the compensation is different depending on the cases. Contact an auto injury attorney to get an idea of how much compensation you should expect for the chronic pain treatment and what factors the courts consider after making a claim. The factors considered include:

1.         The severity of the pain

2.         Type of pain

3.         How the pain has affected your life

4.         How the pain has affected your job and income

5.         Whether your pain has affected your relationships

6.         Pain duration.

What Are The Treatment Costs After A Car Accident?

It sure does cost a lot, from the continuous hospital visits to the doctor’s fees and high medical bills. Treating your pain and relieving the discomfort comes to you at a heavy price. The most common costs to expect are:

Medical Bill:

Your main aim after a car accident is to get rid of the pain and heal as soon as possible. For this, you need surgery that helps relieve the pain; then you buy medicines for pain reduction, then you may visit a physical therapist to make sure the pain does occur again, and so on. This long process will, of course, cost you some heavy bucks.

You Lost Wages:

Experiencing back pain is very common after an accident which causes a person to miss 264 working days, according to a survey in the United States. The more you miss your workdays, the more your wages are cut. If you file a suit, you can compensate for your lost wages. Contact the auto injury attorney and get more information about the process today!

Loss of Relationships:

A person in pain tends to get cranky and chooses to stay in bed rather than hang out with friends and family. This affects your sexual life as well and might take a toll on your mental health too. These are some losses to take into consideration while making a personal injury claim.

No Enjoyment:

The back pain you go through causes you to stop running and participating in physical sports. If you’re a reader, enjoying your favorite book becomes hectic due to neck pain. As a person suffering from so many losses, you deserve to be compensated for the different physical pain along with the mental pain you’re going through.


When you are recovering after an accident, you experience difficulty in many forms. Life can become confusing, your daily routine is disturbed, and you experience losses in many forms. The most hectic part is the paying of bills and is even more frosting when it’s the other party that caused the accident in the first place. To compensate for your losses, contact an auto injury attorney to make sure you get what you deserve.

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