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How much does PMP certification increase your salary prospects?

How much does PMP certification increase your salary prospects?

In this day and age, everyone is looking for substantial growth in the salary. At present, the scope of such growth is really tremendous through some effective and efficient steps. If you want to gain such a lucrative salary in your career then the one thing which can help you is the PMP certification. PMP or the Project Management Professional certification is a globally recognized designation for professionals. Project Management Institute offers this certification. Once you get PMP certification, it will have a tremendous impact on your overall salary. 

Professionals with PMP®certification have a huge demand in the industry. One of the biggest reasons for that is the professionals with PMP certification are capable of handling a bigger project with a bigger budget. Their management skills are far superior to any other professionals. Now, when you are getting into a large company, you are expected to handle projects that are high in the budget. So, in such a scenario, relying on a person who is certified to manage the project is far more viable than having someone without the certification doing the job. That is why the companies that pay lucrative salary generally look for professionals with PMP certification. So, let’s have a look at why PMP certification will impact your salary scale eventually.

Pivotal Role in the Project Management

When you are working in a large scale company, you are expected to take certain responsibilities when it comes to project management. Also, if you are working as a project management professional, you will have to lead from the front. However, for a normal professional, this could be a very difficult thing to do. But, if the professional has PMP certification, he will be able to perform this duty of playing a pivotal role in the project. Big companies want that and so, they are ready to pay a huge amount of salary to a PMP certified professional. 

Ability to Handle Large Projects

The first thing that you have to understand is small companies will not pay you a huge amount of money. So, you have to target the bigger companies which are ready to pay you handsomely. But, in order to get into a big company, you need to possess exceptional skills. Remember, the company will pay you for your skills which you have developed by gathering experience. Now, in a big company, you will have to handle large projects which will have the involvement of multiple people. It is a hectic job for those who do not have PMP certification but for those who possess it, they can handle such projects with ease. Thus, professionals with PMP certification are always in the hunt for the bigger prize. 

Handling Projects with a Large Budget

The reason why a company becomes big is the company handles large budget projects. Take the example of any large scale B2B or B2C company and you will see that they handle large scale projects which make them leaders of their particular industry. So, when you are joining such a company, they will expect you to handle such big-budget projects with ease. Now, if you really have no knowledge about handling such big-budget projects, you will be in trouble. It is like asking someone to cross the ocean without knowing how to swim. That is where the professionals with PMP certification come into the fore. They know how to handle such projects with prowess and hence they will find success in handling such big-budget projects. 

The Skill of Managing a Large Group of People

As you already know, in a large scale company, a project manager has to handle large projects with a high budget. Also, while handling such projects, a project manager will require human resource. A big company will provide such a large number of human resource. But, the problem will begin from here because having such large scale resource is not enough for a successful project, managing resources is what makes the difference. Through PMP certification, a professional attains such skills which help him or her to manage such a huge number of people and lead them successfully. That is why the demand for professionals with PMP certification is quite evident. 

Value for Experience

You must have heard that experience has a value everywhere. But, when you get PMP certification and start working for a big company, you will see that all your hard work over the years is finally paying you the dividend. Basically, you will only be able to get PMP certification when you have a certain amount of experience in your field. Hence after getting project management experience, you will become eligible to join PMP certification. Once you get certified, you can rest assured you will surely increase your salary quite easily. 

Impact of PMP Certification on the Salary

As per the 9thPMI survey, a professional with PMP certification gets 20% more salary than a professional who does not have a PMP certification. Therefore, it is quite evident that the trend of the modern-day large companies is to look for professionals who have the ability to handle large projects and also have PMP certification. This certification gives the companies some sort of reliability for the professionals. That is why they are inclined to higher salaries for professionals with PMP certification. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, if you are someone who is looking for an opportunity to increase your salary then PMP certification could be that gateway you are looking for. There have been many examples when people struggled to get a substantial salary hike and with PMP certification, they got that easily. Therefore, as a professional project manager of this age, if you have an ambition of working for a large company and earn a lucrative salary then you should be going for PMP certification. It is the one thing that can give you a substantial growth in your salary in a short span of time. So, PMP certification for a professional is a must in this age. 

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