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How Netflix and Online Movies are Becoming a Threat to Hollywood

How Netflix and Online Movies are Becoming a Threat to Hollywood

The emergence of the online market has impacted globally almost all the sectors with a fact that whatever be the requirement, it shall be available on the fingertips. With its wide variety and accessibility, people all around the world can easily choose their object of interest. Sites are providing free online movies and with a subscription are advancing at a tremendous pace which may to some extent gives easy access but it also a significant threat to Hollywood and related industries.

What you need to know about online movies

There are plenty of online sites and subscription channels which provide access to a wide variety of Movies and TV shows in SD and HD. The collection of such movies and TV shows on some sites are incredible ranging from latest to some classic ones.  The content is either available on the net free of cost, on rent or even be purchased.

There is option of both streaming and downloading which gives liberty of watching the favorite movie or TV show at own leisure. Though some of the famous sites and subscription provide the content at a cost, there are plenty of other websites which gives that for free, where eventually people make a run for.

The Impact of online movies

With the advent of online movie and TV show sites such as movies123 and others, the availability of any content has become very easy, and the latest videos and TV series can be streamed or downloaded without any cost. This has impacted the theatres a lot and has proved to be an earthquake for the Hollywood industry. Following are some direct impacts of online sites and subscription channels:

  • Video piracy
  • Movie leaks and flops
  • Less audience in theatres
  • Less box office collection

Online movie sites provide the latest collection of movies and TV shows, even on the release day with compromised quality, and the user can easily access on both Mobile and laptop. Just by doing a Google search on any latest movie or TV show, hundreds of websites are populated offering the same either free or with some subscription amount. Some of the sites like YouTube have though put a lot of efforts in controlling piracy by deleting or blocking the video post, a lot still gets filtered through and is available for the audience.

Hollywood, as an industry, consists of millions of people working in some category or the other. There pay depends somewhat on the success/ failure of movies and TV shows, box office collection, subscription amount, etc. By piracy and availability of content free of cost, some of the other people in the industry suffer, and some even lose their jobs.

Subscription giants such as Netflix and Amazon offer the content at a reasonable price with options of both streaming and downloading. This option gives freedom of watching the latest and favorite movies or TV shows whenever and wherever possible. However, the market of online sites that provide content free of cost should instead be put on a check to help curb the increasing piracy and reduce damage done to the Hollywood industry.


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