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How Often You Should Clean Your Home

How Often You Should Clean Your Home

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There are places in our home that are constantly cleaned and taken care of, while there are others that don’t seem to get enough (any?) attention. We have a tendency to forget to clean behind our stoves, wash our pillows and steam our carpets or we simply never get around to doing because there are other, more pressing matters to attend to. However, it is vital for our health and wellbeing to clean every nook and crevice in our home from time to time, whether we decide to do it ourselves or we hire cleaning services such as Helpling Singapore or other good quality services to do it for us.

If you’re wondering how often you should clean certain parts of the household, here are some hints to lead the way.

The Everyday Work

The good news here is that you don’t have to do too much every day to maintain a sense of cleanliness in your home. The bad news is that you still have to do some work. For example, you should wash your dishes and wipe kitchen countertops daily, as soon as you’re done using them. Since most tables in the house are frequently used, you would do well to quickly wipe them down too. Make your bed every morning after you get up, it will make your bedroom look tidier and it’s a good wake-up morning ritual.

Your bathroom shouldn’t be overlooked, so make sure to wipe down all the surfaces you use every day (even after every use) and don’t forget to clean the sink, or at least wash it free from hair and makeup. If you’re a large household, then do a load of laundry every day, to avoid a mountain of dirty clothes that is heaven for bacteria. When it comes to floors, if you’ve got a pet, then vacuuming every day is a good idea, because though they’re cute, they bring dirt and hair everywhere.

Weekly Chores

Every week you should find time to do a bit of deep cleaning, especially when it comes to your toilet. The bathtub and toilet bowl should get special attention since they are the hotspots for every sort of grime imaginable. Scrub them clean, as well as your bathroom sink and don’t forget to shine that bathroom mirror while you’re in there. Zap the microwave clean by putting a bowl vinegar and water in it to kill off the germs. Your computer or laptop is probably one the appliances you use most in your house, so make sure to disinfect it, along with your work desk, every week (and do the same with your cell phone). Wash the bed linens weekly too and remember to mop the floors, everything will look much cleaner, not to mention that the house will smell wonderful.

Every Month or So

Monthly cleaning tasks include taking care of the appliances you usually use for cleaning the rest of your house. That means emptying and cleaning the vacuum cleaner but not before you vacuum all the air vents and woodwork. You should also run a hot long cycle to clean your washing machine, and don’t forget to add a cup of baking soda and a quart of vinegar. Next, turn to your dishwasher – put a cup of vinegar on its top rack, run on warm cycle and everything will be clean and odorless. Cleaning your fridge should also be on your monthly cleaning list, though most of us simply forget about it.

Six Months to a Year Cleaning Plan

Your bedding and bed should get extra attention every three to six months. This means washing the covers, as well as pillows and vacuuming and steaming the mattresses. Make sure that your freezer is emptied and cleaned every six months, and while we’re talking about the dirty work, don’t forget to scrub your oven clean. All the curtains in your household should be washed at least twice a year, and if you’ve got a fireplace, a yearly cleanup is an absolute must.

Once divided into time slots, cleaning doesn’t seem like such a hassle. Even if you do forget to get some of the chores done from time to time, doing them as frequently as possible will do the trick just fine.


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