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How Parents Can Prepare to be Empty Nesters

How Parents Can Prepare to be Empty Nesters

When your youngest child leaves home, you will be an empty nester, left alone with your spouse. Many times, couples have some adjusting to do once this stage of life hits. Some couples have difficulties in their relationship or even consider separating once the kids leave. By preparing for the transition, you can make your time as empty nesters much more enjoyable.

Consider Selling Your Life Insurance Policy

Life insurance is great when you have a family, depending on your income. However, once the kids are out of the home, you might find you no longer need the coverage. Or you might no longer need the amount of coverage you previously had. If you are considering selling it, you can review a guide that goes over everything to know and whether it might be worth more than the cash surrender value to maximize your potential payment.

Before the Kids Leave

The transition from a houseful of kids to just you and your spouse is life-changing, and the best time to consider the implications is now. Consider your options as soon as possible and talk to your partner about post-parenting expectations. Otherwise, there could be misunderstandings or conflicts as each person might have different expectations.

Start by thinking about your relationship’s quality and consider its aspects. Many parents find that the kids are the only thing keeping them together, and once the last child leaves, they might find there is nothing left. The time to work on your relationship is now before the kids leave home. Consider how you deal with challenges or conflicts when there is no one to be a buffer for you. Take a step back to look at your relationship and consider how you can improve it. Be intentional in your relationship and make time to go on dates with each other. Even if you are busy with the kids and your other responsibilities, your marriage or relationship should come first.

Develop Other Interests

As a parent, much of your free time has likely been devoted to caring for your children. While you will still always be there for your kids, they are now experiencing more independence than before. As you take a step back to give them more freedom, you might find yourself with more time on your hands. Develop other interests to occupy your time. You’ll be happier if you can pursue these other causes without feeling guilty about not spending enough time with your grown children.

But if you already have other interests, such as owning a business, try not to go too far in the opposite direction. Sometimes, business owners take on more work and start to push themselves too hard, leaving them drained. Remember not to try to replace your kids with work since you still need to have time to relax. If you are thinking about going back to work full-time, consider waiting several months before doing so. Then you can determine whether it will fit well with your new life phase. You might find you have the skills and desire to do something completely different.


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