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How Sales Automation Turns Your Business Amateurs to Pros

How Sales Automation Turns Your Business Amateurs to Pros

Most of the business thinks that making a sales requires a human touch of sales representatives. But the fact of the matter is manpower as the sales representative is the traditional way of doing business. But, sales rep’s activity involves in manual efforts which are not directly effective to business any longer, at least for a long term. But getting machines such as sales automation software involved, you can get the outstanding result as far as making sales is concerned.

The human-empowered workforce is effective to some extent but if you have any larger perspective, you need to adopt the advanced level of technology such as sales automation software which works equipping with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

According to a survey report conducted and shared by reveals that sales reps spend only 35.2% of their productivity while reset of their times goes in administrative activities such as research, data collection, etc.

What Is Sales Automation?

Before we dive deep into the matter, we first know what sales automation software is. The term automation refers to the machines which automate manual tasks. Here, sales automation software automation all manual process for sales teams and provides them with a platform where they can use 100% of their productivities. So, implying sales automation does mean to replace the sales teams, rather choosing automation software for sales helps them be more valuable.

Types of Sales Automation and Its Features

Well, there’s a myth that sales automation is just a single type, but in reality, it has many types based on the sales process. Besides, using sales automation depends on the sales team for what purpose they want to use. One can use sales automation for universal purpose while others can sue it as certain purposes. So, here are the top different types of sales automation software which are can be used with a business process to fulfill certain tasks.

Automated Sales Record and Preservation

When you integrate sales automation system with business process, it records and generates CRM records when any visitors log into the page or scan cards. It saves contact and provides all details which may help you in a future course.

Automated Activity Logging

Logging every customer activities such as emails, phone numbers, communications, etc. are the most annoying things to do for sales representatives while sales automation software easily records everything to the CRM system. You can use the recorded information in the future.

Automated Research

Research is the base of any business to increase sales. The sales automation system help you gather the publically available information to potential customers and generate leads in which all information is stored.

Sales automation software is not limited to mentioned things and activities. There are numerous things which can do such managing sales campaign, automating business process and keep records of everything. So, it will be a wise step to get your business equipped right away.


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