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“Over the years, technology has never failed in bringing new fascinating aspects in fitness world and especially running shoes that mainly focus on improving performance, preventing injuries and achieving fitness goals”,  says Asif Juzar, co-founder of The modern day running shoes mainly features patches and sensors that collect various biomechanical data which varies between different manufacturers. The metrics collected while you work out will be analyzed from the comfort of mobile device or better still remotely sent to fitness instructors who will then use the metrics to strategize on better performance.

A few years ago, this was completely the opposite where many manufactures only paid attention to the outward appearance, comfort and design which left these shoes gawky and heavy thereby risking injuries to runners. In this regard therefore, if you are in a fitness program, or love running and you are considering getting new pairs of running shoes, you need to appreciate the technological transformation in running shoes which will come along with helping you to improve on speed and also prevent personal injuries.

So how has technology transformed running shoes?

The modern day technology has transformed running shoes in a number of ways and expected to grow even better in the future. Here are few examples.

The running shoes insole sensors– This technology includes lightweight sweat resistant smart insoles with sensors. These are usually inserted on top of regular soles and can be worn on any running shoes. Looking at the TUNE’s insoles technology by Kinematix for instance, the smart insoles is capable of keeping track of runner’s technique in terms of the heel and ground contact time respectively and running asymmetry. The sensors will then transmit the data to preferable mobile devices where the runner can see the distance covered, speed and pace. Additionally, the TUNE’s app provides different running programs that analyses the previous running data and recommends techniques that you can use to minimize running injuries. 

Microchip running shoes sensors– This is yet another technology that will continue to be used to improve athletic performance. The technology incorporates microchips sensors that may come embedded or attached to the shoes as a wearable metric device. The sensors collect various metrics that varies between different running shoes manufactures. One such running shoes that has made use of this technology is the Under Armor athletic shoes that comes with an inbuilt coined sized chip that automatically detects when you are working out and starts recording the metrics. The data collected by this shoe technology include cadence, splits, time duration that you have been running and calories burnt. 

GPS track technology in running shoes – The GPS has brought a lot of changes in the way we go our running in different ways. For instance, if you always can’t find your way back whenever you visit a new place, worry no more for running shoes GPS technology has taken these shoes to higher notch so that you can know your whereabouts. Additionally, the technology can be synced together with your other mobile devices via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth at close range where you will be able to see the direction and map you are running. Lastly, the GPS technology provides for additional connections with synced members where they will be able to capture your tracks in real time and easily and know exactly where to find you should they become suspicious of strange activities.

Hepatic feedback technology– Also known as kinesthetic motion, this is one of the latest technologies that have found great application in running shoes. The technology mainly applies the sense of touch to create body stimulation such as vibration actuators that accurately guides and warns runners when they are just about to hit an obstacle. With this running technology getting even better with time, individuals that are visually impaired have their hope for running restored where they can independently run on their own with very minimal guide. What even makes this technology highly reliable is the voice command that not only directs the runner to keep going the right direction but also accurately cautions the distance to the obstacles thereby protecting the runner from injuries.

Custom made running shoes– These days, the custom technology is becoming popular in the business of personalizing running shoes. This technology tailors running shoes differently while paying close attention to specific details from runner’s request. Additionally, both feet are scanned in 3 dimensions to get the accurate measurement in terms of girth, length and height among other details which will then be used to customize the shoes with exact features as per the placed order. The custom details may also incorporate inputs from personal trainers who may guide for specific sensors to be embedded in the shoes to capture unique data to improve on speed and enhance muscle recovery.

Running sock sensors– This looks exactly the same way as the normal sock only that it includes metric sensors. One such example where this technology is has been applied before is the Sensoria who have designed athlete shoes to blend with sock. This wearable sock captures the track in real time. To prevent muscle and other injuries, sock sensors can be worn together with the POWERDOT to ease muscle pain. Better still; runners can consider using theTHERAGUN to stimulate the muscles to heal fast at the end of the run. The massager is intuitively designed with perfect handgrip and is highly efficient on battery.

The bottom line 

As we have seen from the above discussion, the use of technology has immensely change running shoes to improve performance and there is more to expect in the future. These days’ running shoes incorporate sensors and microchips devices that come as wearable insole and hubs while others are embedded in the shoes. These mainly record biomechanical data like distance, cadence, stride length, calories burnt, time duration among others.  These are analyzed by personal instructors to improve on speed performance and endurance. Moreover, running shoes technology provides for customization where you can only include the features you want to make running shoes personal.


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