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How temporary wifi for events’ quality affects the event success?

How temporary wifi for events’ quality affects the event success?

Event organizers don’t pay enough attention to a good internet connection. However, wifi can be an essential aspect of events, depending on their type. If your event is primarily supported by digital technologies, wifi would be a crucial aspect to consider. If you don’t pay attention to this topic upfront, you will face a few problems. First, not all attendees will have wifi access. Or the signal strength might vary significantly through the venue. Lastly, interruptions in the wifi connection might interfere with your event program. Your guests might feel frustrated because they can’t download your app on their devices. In moments like this, every organizer will understand the importance of temporary wifi. 

The wifi connection can determine whether your event will be a good investment or not. In addition, we explain how it will influence the event’s success.

The importance of temporary wifi

Many experienced people will agree that wifi is a necessary but underrated aspect of event organizing. We can explain the importance by understating how a typical user feels. Consider the fact that we are used to having 24/7 access to the internet with our mobile devices. In addition, every event nowadays is supported by technology. Whether it is a video, online demo, or video call, the content depends on the internet connection. An unstable wifi connection will make your attendees feel frustrated, as they won’t get all the benefits from attending your event. 

Don’t forget that this issue will affect all parties included in the vent organization process. The organizers will struggle in a case of a bad connection, getting a negative evaluation for their efforts. The speakers won’t have access to their prepared online materials, which will affect the quality of their speech. In addition, the sponsors that displayed their brand during the event will be worried about the image and credibility. 

Key metrics

Measuring the wifi impact on an event’s quality will give you valuable insights. Therefore, you will gain essential knowledge for organizing in the future and defining your need for wifi hotspot for events. In addition, we share the key metrics that you should analyze and compare. 

We shouldn’t forget that many events have a specific goal on their mind: to stimulate immediate action. Often, this can be in the form of lead generation. Therefore, the number of direct activities online is a good starting point. Check the number of generated leads and consider factors such as the attractiveness of stands and representative’s skills. 

After your event:

  1. Don’t mind asking your participants for feedback. Their honest thoughts will aid the analysis.
  2. Do a questionnaire with both closed and open-ended questions so that they can provide their honest feedback.
  3. Ask them about their experiences and the aspects that they consider prone to improvement. If there were a problem with the wifi, the participants wouldn’t hesitate to share it.

Another important thing is the traffic. Check which areas were busy, and compare this to the signal strength report. This analysis shows if the participants navigated towards the areas with a better wifi signal. In addition, you can assess whether the digital attractions gained more traffic. 

The event wifi is a crucial aspect of modern events supported by digital technologies. Poor wifi will be a significant flaw and will be remembered by your attendees. Investing in temporary wifi will benefit your organization in so many ways. The participants will be satisfied and will share their positive experiences. The partners, sponsors, and exhibitionists will be satisfied with the collaboration, leaving space for future endeavors. However, the most important thing is that you will achieve your event’s specific goal. 


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