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How to Add Coziness to Your Living Space

How to Add Coziness to Your Living Space

Your living room should feel like the warmest place in your house; it is your sanctuary, your reading space, and your comfort zone. This room, along with your bedroom, is probably where you spend most of your time. Especially during the colder months of the year, you might want to create a warmer vibe and ambiance to your space, making it inviting and comfy. 

For warmer hues and cozier touches, a few simple designs can give you just the right feel. Luckily for you, we have gathered a list of tips on getting the perfect cozy living space you are looking for, making you never want to leave your home again. 

Add Some Fluffy Throw Blankets 

Fluffy throw blankets are every homeowner’s favorite accessory. There is no wonder why they are admired by so many; they keep you warm and all cuddled up during the cold nights, and they serve as vibrant accent pieces. You can also opt for any color you want when it comes to throw blankets; for cozier feels, go for plain and warm colors such as beige. You can also consider knitted throw blankets since they are quite trendy. Place them on your chairs or couches, and enjoy your chilly winter nights indoors. 

Include Floor Cushions 

You can never really have enough pillows. Pillows instant brings comfort, pattern, and color to your space. If you live in Australia, then you have probably noticed the many diverse cushions styles taking over that looks versatile and gorgeous. When you decorate your house with floor pillows, it becomes a true comfort zone that no one will ever want to leave. These comfy pillows will keep you relaxed during your Netflix nights. 

Add a Few Candles 

Candles don’t just come in handy during date nights, but they can also create a sense of warmth in your room all year round. Pick your favorite scented candle to give your living room the vibe of neatness. Make sure you avoid ordering any candles online and go try out and smell the ones you like in the shops first. 

Incorporate Textures 

For cozier hues, you might want to go crazy with the textures. It is not always about warm colors; it can also be about including different textures in your space that create a sense of a soothing place. Aside from your pillows and throw blankets, add some warm texture by having a unique rug that can contribute to a lazy evening at home. Layers of texture create depth to living rooms by adding an inviting aura. 

Play with Lighting 

Whether you are into contemporary, classical, industrial, or modern designs, lighting is known to add a sense of warmth to any dull space. Adjusting your lighting needs to be something you can think about a lot if you want to feel like you’re giving a home new look every season. Aside from the natural light that is essential to living rooms and bedrooms, adding an extra lamp or going for warm layered lighting can instantly alter the mood of the room. 

Floor lamps, for instance, create an ambiance of coziness by filling up visual space and drawing most eyes on. They give off more visual interest than the traditional table lamps. You can also use recessed and under-shelf lighting to draw attention to some architectural details. Make sure you have dimmer switches for those movie nights you might be having in your cozy space.  

Add Bookshelves and Books 

Books have this magical touch of making everything look more elegant and warmer. Your space will end up looking more inviting and personal when you add a bookshelf that takes up a large wall space. You can always old and new books in your bookshelf, which will surely add depth to any blank and white space. Also, you don’t always have to fill bookshelves with books only; a few plants and accessories will perfectly fit that space. You might also want to add a few frames, quotes and pictures that are personal to create a more meaningful atmosphere. This trick is bound to make your room look cozier and more sophisticated. 

Your living and personal sanctuary can easily be transformed into a warm and spacious area. If you really want your comfort zone to be the place where you and your friends spend most of your time, then you might want to consider these tips. Remember to keep it simple and not overload your room with things. Eventually, you might end up having your living room the favorite place to be for everyone during weekends. 


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