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How to add exceptions to Avast

How to add exceptions to Avast

After choosing to protect your system with Avast, you will realize that it blocks off programs continuously. That can be a website, program or any hardware you have connected to the protected system. Avast Antivirus is likely to display a pop-up message claiming that your link is not safe and it poses a threat or carries a virus, whereas you know that it is just an error. The error should not make you panic. 

Avast Whitelist or Avast Exception is a feature that allows you to add the websites or programs that you see as safe but Avast sees them as unsafe. You can use the Avast exception option to unblock the websites and programs. Even though Avast Firewall blocks unwanted spammy services and websites effectively, some people have seen it block discord, games, FileZilla, Visual Studio and Utorrent. It can be frustrating to know that some of the blocked items are trusted apps.

Add programs, games and websites to the Avast whitelist/exceptions 

It is now the time to start the process of adding websites and programs to the Avast Exception or whitelist. However, before you start the operation, you have to use another antivirus tool to check the websites or programs to be sure that they are clean. Usually, you will get the message (“avast web shield has blocked access to this page”) after Avast Firewall blocks the webpage. Still wondering of how to add exceptions to Avast antivirus? Here are the three ways to do that.

  1. Global Exclusion List for files/folders/programs to prevent their scanning by Avast 

Exclusion list for the specified Shield 

2. Global Exclusion for URL/Website to stop their scanning 

3. Global Exclusion List for programs/folders and files 

If you want to exclude some applications or ignore files, you will have to use the Global Exclusion list. It will stop the scanning of all the files you list. The list also allows you to ignore any program, website, domain or URL in your personal computer. Here are the few steps to follow. 

  • Open the Avast antivirus and move to settings 
  • Now, click on the general tab
  • Under the Avast General tab, click on the Exclusion option 
  • Click on the option and provide the path of folder or file you want to add to the Exclusion list. Avast also provides the option of adding URLs in Global list. 

That will allow the websites or programs in your personal computer to run and Avast will not scan them. 

Exclusion list for Avast Whitelist Specific Shield 

The setting will exclude specific shields from Avast. With this option, you will manage to whitelist shields whether they are web shields, file shields, games or mail shields completely. Here is how to add a shield to this Avast exclusion list. 

  • Go to your Avast Dashboard
  • Search for the settings option and click on it 
  • In the setting option, click on the Active Protection option 
  • Click on the shield name (game, web, mail, file), which you would want to add to the exception list
  • Click on “Customize Link”
  • Add the programs, games, mail, file or web you want the shield to ignore 
  • Specify when you would want to apply the exclusions. For example when writing, reading or executing. 

Global exclusions for URL/website to stop the scanning from Avast

This exclusion list is a good choice when you want to allow some specific URLs or websites and prevent Avast from displaying the error when you open them. The good news is that you can add any specific URL, domain. However, you will not have any option of adding applications or files to exclude. Here is how to add the URLs.

  • Open the Avast antivirus Dashboard 
  • Click on the Settings option and proceed to the General Tab
  • In the General Tab, click on the Exclusion option 
  • In the provided URL’s tab, add any website that you want to exclude 
  • Click on the Ok button to confirm 
  • That will add the websites to your Avast Exception list. 


After you are through with the processes, you will have to restart the Avast Exclusion and any process in progress. The best way to do that is to restart your computer system. The restarting will reorganize every file and your Avast antivirus will check for your list. Therefore, it will clear out the Exclusions and your problems will be solved. The next time you run the games, programs or websites, Avast will not block them.


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