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How to Avoid Accidents in Beauty Salons

How to Avoid Accidents in Beauty Salons

Visiting the beauty salon is supposed to be a relaxing experience that has you leaving the business feeling revitalised and confident. However, this is unfortunately not always the case. If you are a salon owner, you will want to eliminate any chance of an accident happening before it can occur. Accidents can lead to expensive lawsuits that could potentially bankrupt your business. Here are some of the ways accidents can cause injuries in your salon.

Incorrectly Trained Staff

All your staff need to be fully trained in health and safety, whether they are your star stylist or the new assistant. Draw up a plan for presentation standards in the salon and ensure that all employees fully understand them.

If boxes are left sitting around, spillages left uncleaned, or wires left trailing, not only does it look unprofessional, it also turns your salon from a relaxing environment into a hazardous one. Both employees and clients could hurt themselves and leave you liable to pay them compensation. Make sure all your employees are correctly trained to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

Look After Your Employees’ Health

Clients aren’t the only ones at risk of an injury. Hairdressers can frequently suffer from sore feet and bad backs caused by their long shifts. To avoid any employer’s liability claims, ensure you have a constant open line of communication between your employees and you. If they feel comfortable with coming to you about their health concerns, then you can work together towards a solution that benefits you both and does not require any legal intervention.

Unhygienic and Unmaintained

Perform regular checks of the salon floor to ensure you have a clean and safe working environment. Every piece of equipment that requires disinfecting between uses should be getting cleaned. You don’t want a reputation as an unhygienic salon as it will do nothing but turn away potential clients.

Arrange for a trusted, licensed electrician to perform checks and maintenance on any electric equipment in your salon. If they find something that can’t be repaired, you must stop using it immediately and procure a replacement as soon as possible.

Also remember to check the chairs. Your chairs always need to be comfortable and fully maintained for your client’s well-being. Don’t overlook key pieces of equipment such as these, as even a slight overlook could potentially lead to an injury.

Patch Tests

Before applying any strong products like bleach or dye to a client’s hair, you must perform a patch test on their skin well in advance, to check if they have an allergic reaction. Starting a procedure without first doing a patch test is reckless and can have horrific consequences for your customer’s health and your professional reputation.

Forward Thinking

Even when you cover all grounds, you still need to prepare for the unexpected. If you cause damage to a member of the public or their property the legal consequences can be significant. As Hiscox explain, if this happens, you would need hairdressing public liability insurance. This comes as part of tailored  insurance for hairdressers,alongside protection from claims against treatments going wrong.

This insurance can aid with legal costs or compensation, so you know you don’t have to worry about the claim making your business bankrupt while you attempt to recover from it.

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