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How to Break in a Baseball Glove

How to Break in a Baseball Glove

Nice glove! The only problem is that it is not broken in yet. You could see that it can be hard, and not flexible enough to catch or field. Your glove still has the new smell and has not been used before. Nice and shiny, the tendency is to go into the game like this, but you can’t.

I hate this feeling, and I know that it is a hassle to break it, but the methods I’ll show you today are easy and cheap.

The purpose of breaking in a baseball glove is to make it malleable, and easier to handle. Do you know that popping sound when you catch a baseball just right? That is caused by the baseball hitting that pre-made pocket that was made in the breaking in process. Don’t worry, I won’t tell you to sleep on it or put it in the oven (those are methods believe it or not).

So let’s get into it!

Glove Steaming

One of the ways to break in your new glove is glove steaming. This is common at a lot of baseball/sports stores since it is one of the most popular ways to break it in.

The steps are:

  • Apply a conditioner or cream to it for added moisture (keeping moisture in is one of the most important parts)
  • Put inside steamer and use extremely hot steam to open and relax the pores
  • In Between the steaming, a store member should hit the pocket of the glove a couple of times to create a pocket

This is one of the most popular ways because it is quick, and usually located in the store that the glove is located in.

One of the most important things in this process is to make sure the glove does not dry out. What happens when you steam a glove is that you add moisture and loosens the pores, making it more flexible.

Shaving Cream and A Bat

One of the ways that I used to break in gloves (especially youth gloves) is by taking shaving cream and a bat and going to town.

The process is to use a respectable amount of shaving cream and rub it into the glove. Make sure that you don’t leave any spots untreated. What this does is adds moisture, which is needed for the glove to move a little more freely.

Next, you take any baseball bat and start smacking it on the glove. Place the glove on the ground, and just go to town. This adds a little wear to the glove, making it less stiff.

This is definitely one of the more engaging ways to break in your new glove. I recommend this to parents of youth players so they have some fun smashing their glove. This builds a relationship with the glove, and lets you get to know some hard parts and soft parts.

shoe lace and ball

Shoelace and a Ball

I do like this method because it is extremely cheap, and you don’t have to do much except the preparation. All you need is a shoelace and a ball.

The first step is you have to place the ball inside the glove, where you would normally catch it. This is in the web of the glove most of the time.

The next step is to wrap a shoelace around a glove a bunch of times so that the glove is stuck in the position of the ball being caught. Tie up the shoelace and you’re set. Leave it in that position for about 30mins-1hr, or as long as you can put it there for.

Some things you can do to enhance this process is to use a conditioner, or just shaving cream can work too.

Just throwing

You may not have known, but just going for a couple of throwing sessions can be the best way to break in your new  glove. It’s like having on the job experience before you start your first day.

Just going out to throw is a good way of practicing, and creates a natural pocket inside your glove. Instead of using mallets or softballs, the baseball can hit your glove and keep digging the pocket a little deeper, until it is perfect for the game.

I hope you enjoyed these ways to make sure that your glove is perfect before its first game. If you want to learn more go to Baseball Reviews – Best Gloves.



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