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How To Build And Maintain Resilience In Your Little One

How To Build And Maintain Resilience In Your Little One

Raising a child that will be able to physically and psychologically face the challenges of life with ease is the dream of every parent. Knowing what to do to foster resilience in a child, however, is a subject that many parents lack information about. Nevertheless, gaining more knowledge about childhood resilience and how to maintain it is essential for your child’s future success and growth.

If you make it a priority to learn more about childhood resilience and how it is best fostered, then you can expect to see the benefits manifest themselves in your child for years to come. There are many ways to get started in this regard. Resilience is a multifaceted concept and takes on both psychological and physical dimensions.

To help you get started, let’s look at some effective ways that parents can build and maintain the resilience of their little one.

Boost Your Child’s Gut Health

You can start by ensuring that your child’s gut flora is provided with everything it needs to thrive in a healthy way. Pre and probiotics are useful for this purpose. Aptamil baby formula is a well-known brand that contains many essential nutrients that are useful for boosting your child’s resilience. Make sure to look for formulas that contain pre and probiotics, or synbiotics, to foster your child’s gut health to a greater degree.

Medical science has established a solid link between positive gut health and well-being in many areas of life. Making sure that you feed your child a diet with their gut health in mind is important for building their immunity and their mental health. The benefits of doing so at an early age will last them throughout their lifetime.

Let Them Solve Problems

Building resilience in your child also needs to happen through behavioural interactions. It is important that you expose your child to problems that they can solve at an early age in order to allow this ability to develop throughout their lives.

Many parents in contemporary times feel compelled to step in and solve all of their child’s problems for them. While this makes sense for young infants, as your child grows older this becomes constraining. You do your child a disservice by intervening all of the time.

Let your child solve some of his or her own minor problems with your gentle guidance, if necessary. Let them take small risks and get into a bit of trouble. Situations, where they need to use their reason to escape from them, are valuable opportunities for learning. While this obviously should be done in a sensible way as a parent, the point is to expose your child to minor discomfort where they must use their problem-solving skills to solve their dilemma.

Be Emotionally Resilient Yourself

Young children see everything you do. Their brains are wired to take in as much of the outside world as possible. As such, they will notice how you respond to certain situations and will act in a comparable way.

If you respond to minor irritations with angry outbursts, then they will likely, perhaps even unconsciously, develop this attitude as well. If you want to make your child emotionally resilient, it is important to first develop these skills in yourself.

Skills For Survival

Resilience is an essential skill that will allow your child to succeed and survive through any of life’s circumstances. Starting early and teaching resilience in a conscious way is the best way for a loving parent to foster this characteristic in their child. The more you work with your child to be resilient, the better their chances are to live a happy and meaningful life.


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