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How to Buy Views on YouTube

How to Buy Views on YouTube

How to Buy Views on YouTube

YouTube of today is easily the de-facto launch-pad for millions of future big shots and multi-million dollar celebrities. It has propelled mere ‘nobodies’ to fame and power, made them overnight successes with lucrative returns.

From comedians, food bloggers, gamers, product reviewers, conspiracy theorists, life hacks, news outlets to pretty much everything videotaped, YouTube is responsible for their success. Some launched their Vlogging journeys several years ago while others are a couple of months old. But they all get an impressive number of views per video.

But as you would guess, not everyone among them shot to fame overnight on YouTube without circumventing around their Terms and Conditions. See, YouTubing isn’t all rosy and it’s now normal to buy YouTube views, likes and subscribers without any hassle today. 

You get lots of views for just pennies! 

It’s an open secret that, almost everyone buys fake views on YouTube. An employee of Al Jazeera Englishdid it, just like the head of Video at The New York Postand several other mainstream media outlets. Celebrities too buy them and the views get delivered in bulk, easily making a clip go viral. 

For you too, it is perfectly okay to buy views on YouTube and see those figures shoot, even if your channel is still young with no significant number of subscribers. 

It is a delicate balance though since the whole activity violates YouTube’s terms of service. But provided that you play by the rules, essentially by choosing the right seller, YouTube will not detect it and you will shoot to fame overnight!

There’s another massive risk though 

In this business, there are hundreds of scammers and you’ve got to be extra careful with whom you deal with. You should, therefore, engage someone with a reputation and has been proven to deliver before. Remember, whom you buy from matters just as much as the views and subscribers. How you buy fake views also depends on who you buy from. 

With that, here are some important considerations: 

Watch out for illegitimate sellers of YouTube Views and Subscribers

If your first stop is on Google then you must have seen lots of them, some promising instant views and others luring you with ‘high-retention YouTube views on the cheap’ guarantee. Well, most of those sellers whose websites don’t look shady are sure to provide views and subscribers. 

The real problem with them, however, is the source of their views. Apparently, YouTube can tell that views are generic and likely came from bots. And that’s when they’ll block your channel completely. 

If at all the views are from humans, then you sure get the view. The low engagements that accompany them, however, would simply mean you also end up under the watchful eye of ‘Big Brother.’ 

What to look out for when you need to buy YouTube views

It’s simple; buy them from the “right” places and you are safe. Simply put, avoid buying them from redirects or those that deliver views using pop-under ads. Instead, choose a legitimate 3rd party seller; someone with a rock-solid reputation in this game, and you’ll witness numbers skyrocketing in a week!

Independent third-party sellers are absolute lifesavers today, especially those whose reputation is flawless. You pay as little as a couple of bucks and, BOOM! Your views and subscribers increase. The beauty with some of them is the assurance of a specific number of views, often delivered gradually and without raising any suspicion. 

You wouldn’t like to buy views on YouTube without putting your channel to jeopardy, would you? 

  1. Referrals and Recommendations

As you would do when trying to buy something for the first time, reviews and recommendations are invaluable. Anyone can promise “real views” and “higher retention” or claims to have delivered millions of views. And so, you should only trust someone who has done it before!

Referrals should be from someone who you can trust. It could be a friend, a fellow YouTuber who bought views or just anyone whose word can’t be taken with a pinch of salt. Another valuable platform to get free referrals is on social media forums where people share their experiences or from a thread in an independent forum online. You should, however, be smart enough to distinguish a biased referral from a genuine one. 

  • Check out their Website

It’s possible to trust someone enough to buy YouTube subscribers from them after checking out their website. Apart from the fact that a professional in this game must be having a cool, well-developed website, what’s contained in it equally matters. For instance, there are those that split their views to include ‘Worldwide Views’ and ‘Targeted Views.’

A fully-fledged seller of YouTube views understandably deals in all-things YouTube; Views, Subscribers, Likes, Dislikes, and Shares. If the seller doesn’t have some of them, run away. Review websites often list down the best YouTube view sellers and you can check them out as well. 

  • Talk to the Seller

Don’t be too quick to pay for the promised views. Take your moment and have a chat with the seller so that you are confident of what’s contained in the deal. Basically, you must ask them about the number of targeted views and subscribers, whether they are real and genuine or bot-generated and how sustainable the views will be. 

It’s normal for the seller to direct you to a ‘model’ channel that’s doing pretty well on YouTube. Ideally, several examples of channels that have racked up enough views to initiate a conversation should be enough to convince you. 

  • Consider the ease and affordability of buying them

Since the formula on how to buy views on YouTube depends on the seller, it is important for the whole process to feel hassle-free. Basically, you should expect the packages and their pricing to be distinct and easy to choose. More importantly, they should be reasonably affordable; like a couple of pennies per view. 

A great deal is that one which promises quality, high-retention views, likes and comments and delivers them ASAP. How cheap or expensive a package is doesn’t insinuate that you have been ripped off. Just do your homework well and pay only when you are confident that the seller is the right guy for the job. 


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