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How to Care for Your Boat

How to Care for Your Boat

If you have saved up your money and finally bought your dream boat, you are going to want to take special care of it. Yet once you have the vessel, it might be hard to know exactly what you are supposed to do to ensure that it stays in good condition and will continue to work, and this is especially true if you’ve never had a boat before. Luckily, there are plenty of tips that you will find that will help you to take good care of your boat, no matter what level of experience you may have. Read on to find out more. 

Clean the Boat 

One of the most essential tasks when it comes to boat ownership is to clean the boat regularly. Apart from keeping the boat looking good and showing off how lovely it is, there are more practical reasons for keeping this in tip-top condition. Cleaning the boat regularly ensures that the structure of the boat remains safe. By keeping the exterior in good condition, you can stop the sea from eroding the metal parts of the boat because the finish will remain in one piece. Any cracks or scratches can allow seawater inside the outer shell, causing a lot of damage. 

Plus, anything that is stuck to the boat that could cause damage to the waterways or be an environmental hazard will be removed rather than put back into the sea on its next outing. On top of that, a dirty boat won’t perform as well – it will literally be slowed down, and this means you will spend more on fuel. 

Store the Boat 

Leaving your boat bobbing about in the water as a permanent place to store it is not a good idea – it’s a great way to cause damage and other problems though. You really want to find excellent boat storage units to protect the vessel from the elements, particularly snow and ice in the wintertime. These can be particularly damaging and may even render the boat unusable if it is left out for too long. At the very least poor weather can cause mildew and destroy the exterior of the boat. 

At the same time, as storing the boat, you can prepare it for several weeks or months of not being used. This will include: 

  • Filling the tank to 90 percent and adding antibacterial stabilizing agents to the tank 
  • Cleaning the boat 
  • Lubricating the spark plug holes 
  • Replacing any cracked hoses 
  • Disconnecting the battery and storing it somewhere cool and ventilated
  • Removing all electronics and carpets and disposing of any leftover food 
  • Flushing the engine 
  • Applying grease to the shaft
  • Cleaning the propeller

There are many other maintenance tasks, as well. Often it can be worth hiring someone to do this work for you to ensure that it is done and done to a high standard so that your boat will be ready to sail when the good weather returns. 

Use the Boat

Finally, don’t be so worried about using the boat that you don’t make the most of it. Boating is meant to be a happy, relaxing experience, and as long as you carry out the work that needs to be done, just as you would if you had a car to maintain, you should be able to drive the boat for many years to drive the boat for many years to come. 


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