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How to Catch Fish on Your First Visit to the River

How to Catch Fish on Your First Visit to the River

Many people think all you need to fish is get your fishing gears and head to the river/lake. They think they only need to bait the hook, throw it down and wait for the fish. Fishing, however, is not this straightforward, especially for beginners.

If you want your time by the lake to be worth it, you must be familiar with essential fishing tips. This article will hold your hands and discuss all you have to know about fishing as a beginner.

  1. Best Time to Fish

When it comes to fishing time, many factors influence the best to time fish. This majorly revolves around the season and water temperature. These factors are pretty important because they affect fish behaviors and migration patterns.

In warm months, for instance, a fish is usually active in the morning and evening. As a result, the best time to fish in this climate is the evening.

While you will likely cash a fish throughout the day, you will have a high tendency of catching the fish if you time your game.

For the cold climates, fish are usually active in the midday. This is the best time to fish. In addition, fish tend to gather at the bottom of the lake; hence you are better off if your hook can get there.

  1. Choose a good fishing rod

As a beginner, you do not need to buy an $200 fishing rod. But you need a top rated fishing rod with good quality and suitable to you. We advise you choose an fishing rod under $100. And if you do not to know how to choose it, check reviews on saltwater spinning rod guide here.

  • Have a Map to Guide You 

A map can be of great help if you are fishing on a lake, using a boat. With the map, you can know the depths of the water level at your position. This is primal in getting huge catch as you could stumble on fish cribs made by other fishermen. 

  • Don’t Pollute the Water.

If there is smoke in the air, you will know it, feel uncomfortable and probably move away. In the same way, if there is a pollutant in the water, the fishes will detect it and could swim away. As a result, make sure your bait does not introduce a disturbing smell in the water.

In addition, when going to fish, you are better off without perfume or deodorant. Wash your hands and legs and be natural.

  • Try Different Fishing Depths

For you to get the best fish, your hook needs to go to the depths of the water where the fish live. If you are fishing with a boat and you have a map, go to the depths of the river to increase your chance of having a good catch. Surface fishing might not give you a catch, except you are lucky.

  • Know the Lures to use

Many factors determine the lure you will use. It is a factor of the fish behavior in addition to other environmental factors. Since water temperature affects their habit, it also influences the type of lure in addition to the size of the weight you need on your bait to get to the desired depth.

You can either use an artificial or a natural lure. Fishing is a skill which you can get better at, as you go. In other words, get your lures and know everything about it. Stick to it and master it, as it will be of much help when fishing. It might not be a good idea to change lures often as understanding it might take time. As a result, choose a lure and stick to it.

  • Prioritize Safety

Fishing puts you out in the open. There might be interaction with the wildlife. And if you are getting on the water, you need an extra level of protection. As a result, you should take precautions before going to any strange place. 

In addition, make sure you are familiar with the laws of the land. Get familiar with it to avoid issues or charges 

There are many things you need to know as a beginner who wants to fish. We, however, hope this article has given you a clue on how to get started and catch some great fish.


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