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How to Channel Dita Von Teese’s Pinup Style

How to Channel Dita Von Teese’s Pinup Style

There’s no easy way to describe Dita Von Teese. She turned striptease into art by giving it the dose of glamour and chick that could only be seen in old Hollywood movies — but never on a striptease show. She looks like someone who landed straight from the cover of a pin-up magazine. This glamorous burlesque diva—that draws inspiration for her spectacular shows from the ’40s and ‘50s movies—has rapidly become a role model. An army of girls wants to get into her wardrobe and reveal the secret of her provocative, yet sophisticated, style.

Dita always looks like she has just walked into some glamorous vintage casino in Las Vegas ready to take over the whole place.

She describes her style as a mixture of vintage and modern with a pinch of sassiness. Dita also states that her fashion idols are Marlene Dietrich and Rita Hayworth who were always ready to take risks and stand out with their original style. That’s her secret and a tip for all the women who admire her pin-up look.

This fashion icon believes in the power of red, so she never leaves her home without a fiery red lipstick on; red nails as well.

These details are but the finishing touch to her polished look. But now, let’s see what the essential items upon which she builds her style are. You’ll need these to channel your inner Dita.

#1 Pencil Skirts

These tight-fitting, knee length skirts were the essential piece of any wardrobe. Not only does Dita adore wearing them, but she also reminds ladies that it takes some discipline to achieve this sharp and polished look. The same is with wearing high heels, you have to turn it into a routine if you want to rock this style. Pencil skirts are great in combination with other items like jackets and shirts to achieve a sleek, professional look.

#2 Corsets

Dita, however, prefers wearing her pencil skirts with corsets, that are probably her signature piece of clothing. This piece of fine silk, or lace, wrapped around a metal wire casket is responsible for her incredibly small, 16-inch, waist.  

Dita has her corsets custom made. However, fear not, you don’t have to have your own tailor to wear a corset. You just have to be careful and chose some high-quality ones to escape looking tacky.

Now, it’s up to you and your imagination to combine these seductive piece of clothing and create an original look.

#3 High Heels

Last but not least, the shoes. Let’s be honest, Dita Von Teese is the last person on Earth who would willingly wear flats. She loves her heels and she loves them high (4 inches and higher). She likes peep hole shoes, as well as platform pumps. She is one of those women who are prepared to spend an entire day in their favorite heels despite all the pain they are causing; she wouldn’t even flinch because she believes that you have to go all the way if you want to get it all.

#4 The Attitude

If you want to find out what’s the highlight of her impeccable pin-up demeanor, just take a quick peek at the title above. If you want to look like a fashion icon, you can’t just copy the whole outfit — you have to have a fashion icon mindset.

Cherish your own style and be bold, don’t be afraid to take risks until you find a fashion style that expresses your personality and makes a clear fashion statement about who you are.

From a Burlesque Star to a Successful Brand

Dita Von Teese may have started as a mere dancer in a striptease club, but she used her imagination and her innovative spirit to turn it into mainstream entertainment. She did a similar thing with her clothes (corsets and classy lingerie garments in particular), turning them into coveted fashion items; slowly introducing this ‘fetish’ into mainstream fashion. Today she’s a successful businesswoman with a lingerie line, a fashion line, and a perfume with her signature on it. And that is not all. This clever, ambitious, pin-up Diva keeps on building up her brand, making sure that she will leave a permanent mark in the show-biz industry.


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