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How to check whether any online wedding platform is trusted or not for booking vendors

How to check whether any online wedding platform is trusted or not for booking vendors

Doing a wedding has never been easy, and perhaps never will be. It is the work of planning, managing, and organizing. Any leak in one of them can make your wedding a living blunder. And it can give you nothing but just embarrassment before your guests, which we think you don’t want to face, not even the glance of it. 

With the time changing the way a wedding is done has changed significantly. These days you have online wedding platforms that provide you vendors that you can book easily without wandering them. While a little time ago and still is that people wander in markets to book vendors for wedding. It is mostly with old thinking people who have not yet used to technology. Today’s generation who has adopted the new technology which we carry in our pocket and which is known as mobile phone can do anything whatever they want to do by it whether booking a vendor, visiting a website or making a spreadsheet about their budget. It is all in your pocket. 

This blog is about online wedding platforms and what care and caution you should take while using them:

Go through the website: when you think about using an online wedding platform for booking vendors, rather than directly booking from it, you should first go through its website checking it whether the website is authentic or not. There is no specified way of checking the authenticity of the website. It is just your intuition you have to go with.

On the other side, see if the text written on the website is proper or have any spelling and syntax mistakes. Those who care about the business and branding of it, they avoid these types of mistakes.

Reviews: read the customers’ reviews about the online wedding platform that you are going to use, not only on the website itself while on other portals that provide reviews about a specific topic. You can check it on the internet everywhere whether on social media channels, any forum dedicated to customers who have gone through using the website. There is no specific source for it, only you have to go through many streets of the internet to check the online wedding platform you are going to use it whether trusted or not. 

Talk to previous customers: try to find the contact details of the previous customers that have used the services of any particular online wedding platform and talk to them about their experience of the particular website. Talking with real customers you get the real value that will be immensely beneficial for you.

Visit the office: go and visit the office and interviewing the wedding planner if the company that provides the wedding vendors has in your city. If they don’t have then we advise you, never trust such kinds of online wedding platforms that promise for providing online wedding vendors. 

Meet the vendors, not directly pay money: when you get the lead of any vendor from an online wedding platform, directly don’t pay the money, rather visit the vendor to see if the vendor really exists in the city or place whose identity mentioned to you. Check if the vendor is real and request them to make you visit any real wedding site on which they are working. By checking so, you get the real sense of authenticity of the online wedding platform from which you have to book all your wedding vendors.

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Registered trademarks or society: the online wedding website or company you are dealing with must be the member of required society or registered business offices that give permission to a particular company or website to run their online wedding business. This can vary city and country wise differently. So you have to check for the registered offices and society of this type in your city or country you are living in. 

These are all the ways by which you can know whether a particular online wedding platform is good for business or not. If any other extra check you want to do you can do it yourself whichever you think necessary. Shaadidukaan is such an online wedding market which is authenticate and trusted by many. Whether you want to find best wedding planners in Mumbai or in any other city, all wedding vendors you can find on it.

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