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How to Choose Children Bed Sheets for Healthy Sleeping Cycles

How to Choose Children Bed Sheets for Healthy Sleeping Cycles

Sleep and rest are very important in the life of any adult. These help us to calm down physically and mentally so that the next day our batteries are restored for new activities. In the case of children, sleep plays an even more important role.

Beyond the many benefits for which a child should sleep long enough, it is vital to know that sleep plays an essential role in the process of growth and physical development. Therefore, creating a perfect sleeping environment becomes the responsibility of the parents. 

Restful and healthy sleep is given by a combination of factors (good mattress, comfortable pillows), including the quality of bed sheets. It may seem simple, but most parents omit these mandatory things. Read below to find out what to look for in bed sheets meant to offer a quality sleep to your child. 

How Does Sleep Influence a Child’s Behavior?

Physical development of the child – height, weight, bone growth, muscle development, etc. – is mediated by the so-called growth hormones. They are secreted by the pituitary gland and stimulates the functioning of all biological systems in the body. 

Some factors stimulate growth hormone secretion or, on the contrary, affect it. Among the most common are:

  • nutrition;
  • medical conditions;
  • stress;
  • physical activity;
  • sleep.

Sleep plays an essential role in the secretion of growth hormones in the body and the growth of the child. Although, in general, they are released into the body during the day, specialists claim that their highest output occurs at night, during the sleeping cycle. 

Moreover, sleeping during the day or in the afternoon is mandatory in infants and toddlers since it stimulates their physical growth.In addition to providing a well-deserved moment of rest to parents, reduces hyperactivity, anxiety, improves memory and ability to concentrate, thus having beneficial effects on temperament, learning ability, and social behavior.

Sleep is very important for the well-being of children. The link between lack of sleep and the behavior of a child is always obvious. When adults are tired, they may be anxious or lacking in energy, but children may become overactive, moody, irritable, and have extreme behavioral changes.

How is the Children’s Health Affected by Poor Quality Sleeping?

In case the child does not sleep enough or encounters sleep disturbances, caused by uncomfortable bed accessories (mattress, bed sheets, pillow), problems in his physical development may occur. 

These situations lead to delayed growth or, worse, cease to evolve. The lack of sleep or its poor-quality causes hormonal imbalances in the body. It can affect the release of hormones that regulate appetite and hunger, causing the child to either eat less or overeat. The child may become malnourished or obese.

The low amount of sleep or its disturbance also affects how the body metabolizes the foods consumed during the day. There is a risk of insulin resistance, which may predispose the child to type 2 diabetes.

On the other hand, the problems that the child may have with sleep also affect the development of motor skills. Fatigue caused by insufficient sleep predisposes a kid to frequent injuries. Moreover, low school performance, and emotional functioning disturbances may appear.

If you want to convince your child to spend his nights with pleasure in his room and bed, attractive bedding, to his taste, is a mandatory condition.

What You Need to Know Before Buying Bed Sheets for Kids

Children’s sleep is often interrupted by bed sheets that do not rise to qualitative standards. Sometimes these cause irritations or are not suitable for the season, keeping the kid cold or too hot. 

Bed sheets for kids must offer superior comfort but also be resistant to multiple uses and washes, without losing their patterns, colors or quality. Here is what to look for in bed sheets for kids. 

  1. Choose organic materials.

The best sheets for kids must allow the air to circulate so that their skin is permanently oxygenated. Children’s skin is more sensitive than adults and for this reason, you have to make sure that you choose friendly materials. Therefore, the most suitable materials are natural, organic ones. 

The cotton plant is the most common source of fibers that reach the bed sheets’ composition. Generally soft and with high air permeability, this offers a good choice for kids, especially in the hot summer months. Organic cotton is an even better choice because it is baby-friendly, anti-allergic and resistant.

  1. Opt for bigger dimensions. 

Before choosing the size of the bedding you need to know the size of the bed mattress. Choose a slightly larger bed sheet so that you can tuck well bed sheets under the mattress. In this way, your child will sleep without disturbances due to uncomfortable untucked bed sheets. 

  1. Attractive patterns are a must.

The bed sheet patterns are very important for the little ones because these have to be folded to their tastes and personality. Therefore, in the case of girls opt for bed sheets with pink patterns with accents of red or green. Alongside these, you can add flowers, fairies, and princesses to ensure success.

As for boys, they are attracted to bed sheets with cars, dinosaurs, animals or cowboys. However, if you prefer to choose single-color bed lingerie, turn your attention to the red, blue or green ones.

  1. Strength of fabric is important. 

Each piece of material is defined by several other parameters: density, thickness and type of fabric. Density tells you how many fibers are per unit area (per square centimeter, usually). The higher the density, the more your bed sheet will be perceived as soft and pleasant to the touch. 

  1. Go for tested products only. 

Look out for certified products that have been tested and approved to be used in children’s bedrooms. These should be free of any harmful chemicals or paints in the realization of patterns.  

Studies show that the intelligence of a child can be stimulated not by various methods, but through healthy sleeping habits.Healthy sleep is given by a combination of factors including the quality of bed sheets.

Two aspects are very important when choosing bed sheets for children. For parents, the quality of the material is important, which must be one that will not endanger the health of the child. 

For the little ones, the bed lingerie model is important. This should be attractive and to their liking.For example, children’s bedding can be chosen in cheerful colors and prints with favorite cartoon characters. 

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