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How to Choose Fitness by Age

How to Choose Fitness by Age

Properly constructed training will help a teenager to form a beautiful figure, a young woman – to hone form, and those who are older – to stay young. How to choose your sport about age, and whether there is fitness concept of “too late” or “too early”?

Before 15 years

Great sport begins early, sometimes even before school, so at age 15 to begin intensive training and chase the records already too late. But to form a beautiful posture, strengthen the muscular system, to hone the shape – it’s time. It is useful to test in team sports such as volleyball, football – as a teenager will get not only the speed, reaction, and endurance, but also learn how to interact as a team, and it will help him later in life and will help smooth out the difficulties of adolescence. Very good at this age and dances, ballroom or classical, they develop plastic, sense of rhythm and lay a good posture for many years. You can engage in martial arts but without bigotry. For a teenager rather important psychological aspect – the competent coach will help foster a sense of self-confidence, teach not to give up and soberly assess their capabilities.

15-20 years

If we talk about the age of 15, it must be an active form of training, but I would have paid attention to functionality. This is the so-called training for life. It develops not only the individual muscle groups, as occurs with conventional weight training at the gym, but the whole body complex. Included are small muscles, muscles, stabilizers, and deep. Their work is balanced. This approach – the key to health for many years. In 15 years, the adolescent is actively growing and developing. He has to move in all amplitudes. In this training should be properly built to the child properly developed the muscle-skeletal system. If we are talking about girls – that training should be intense, but not exhausting, because at this time of the menstrual cycle is established, and overloading is very harmful.


20-30 years

After 20 years, begins the most favorable period, you can deal with almost any kind of physical activity, it all depends on your health. Sports to choose the one that is the soul and brings maximum impact. If you are mobile and active, fit, for example, athletics, weight training, and even extreme sports. Biking – not just a sport, but also the opportunity to go on long trips in good company. For women in this age is the time to “create” a figure, because to get rid of excess weight (if any) and keep fit at this age is much easier than abruptly start to look after themselves after 30 years when the metabolism is gradually reduced.

Intensively engaged in weight training you can, but you need to understand that with age, it can backfire. I would still emphasize functional training. And then add some trainers, but strictly metered and only some specific. Now trainers are different, and there are those that are designed not only to force – for example, double adjustable rod, block trainer, kinesis. They are often used in functional training programs.

30-40 years

At this time, the person is still in good shape but gradually begins to slow down the metabolism. Many women are surprised to notice that the exercise does not help to lose weight fast as before and that any excess pastry has an effect weight gain. At this age, you need to begin to monitor the flexibility of joints and to maintain the ease and freedom of movement. Swimming, moderate-intensity aerobic, stretching – that’s priorities for women over 30.

After 30 I would have included some rehabilitation programs, such as Pilates, some exercises of yoga, but it requires a personal approach. It is necessary to work out the joints and ligaments, training should be designed and bone structure – because with the passage of age, especially in women, the bones become more brittle. As for strength training, here, too, all very individual, a lot depends on the condition of human heart and joints. If he is healthy, which is now extremely rare, I, as a coach, I admit that up to 30 can be intensively engaged in weight training, but keep in mind that some exercises with heavy weights can affect the joints. For example, during a leg press with more weight is a big load on knees and hip joints. A person can not help feeling that he already has some hidden changes in the knee joints, but due to this change will increase the weight and progress.

Even after 60 movements, we need to – but it should be a low-intensity workout Even after 60 movements, we need to – but it should be a low-intensity workout

40 and over

After 40 years, it is recommended to move away from intensive exercise and move on to the gentle. To his health and the choice of training should be approached with great care. But in any case, can not be put on a cross and stop the exercise at all! A well-chosen sport will help you stay young and to improve the quality of life. Skiing, walking, badminton, swimming, aerobics – the choice is wide enough, but we need to listen to your body and avoid congestion.

After 40 years of training, intensity should gradually reduce and add rehabilitation techniques. You need to avoid heavy load on the muscle-skeletal system; there were no problems with the knees, lower back. After 40 (when it comes to most people) exercise intensity should not be higher than average, after 60 we move to a low-intensity workout sparing. By the way, it is very important to maintain the same training schedule. Stability – a first! This applies to all ages.


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