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How to Choose The Best Coolers for a Picnic

How to Choose The Best Coolers for a Picnic

If you are one of those who loves to be outdoors then a cooler might be one of the most important thing you might have ever purchased in your life. It is an absolute life saver. From keeping things cool and providing effective storage, it is part of the survival kit.

Since its importance is increasing, market is coming up with a variety of options. You can click here for more details about the variety available but given the options, it has become difficult to choose the right one. Here is how you can choose the best cooler for picnic:

  1. Type of coolers

Coolers come in different types and styles. There are three basic types of coolers: basic, soft-side and heavy duty. Each one of them is used for a different purpose. Basic coolers are the one that we often come across. On the other hand, soft-side coolers are specially designed for space conscious customers. Finally, heavy-duty coolers have thick insulation and tight seals to survive harsher conditions. These are preferable for commercial usage and even tougher domestic usage.

  1. How is the cooler used?

This is an important question that must be addressed before purchase of any cooler. Basic coolers are fine if you do not use the cooler often. They are cheaper in price as well. However, basic coolers will not work during for longer trips that require excessive movement. In reality there are hundreds of options. The best way to choose a cooler is to determine the purpose behind your purchase.

  1. Price range

The market is competitive and each and every brand is coming out with a new price for cooler. This has given consumers a wide range of price when it comes to purchasing cooler. Basic coolers comes in a range of $20-$150 whereas soft-side coolers may even cross $400. Heavy duty-coolers are the most expensive of all and can even cost up to $1,300 but the results offered are worth. Price can be said to correspond the quality it tends to offer.

  1. Cooler features

Cooler is not only about keeping things cool in it. There is a lot more to take into account when purchasing a cooler. One important thing is to look for additional features that come with the cooler. For instance, look for better seals, locking lid, thicker insulation and harder plastic used to form insulation. Some coolers come with attached wheels that make it easier for the users to drag it on the floor.

  1. Size

Size is the final consideration that must be taken into account and it can have a significant impact on the final choice being selected. A 350 quart cooler may be needed for commercial purposes. Most of us need coolers to camp along with family and friends. This is why you must be looking for something in between 20 and 50 quarts. Nevertheless, choose a size that suits your purpose. Either choosing a larger option or small option for your purpose can be an issue later.


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