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How to Choose The Best Scooter for Kids Ages 4+

How to Choose The Best Scooter for Kids Ages 4+

There comes a time in every child’s life when they decide they want to have a scooter. That is when the adults are faced with a massive headache: How should it look? How many wheels should it have? How many pounds should it weigh? Is there anything else to know before making this extremely important purchase?

Fear no more, as today we are going to cover everything you need to know to ensure your child gets the most suitable and secure scooter possible.


The wheels are often considered the most important aspect, as they determine how stable and flexible the scooter is going to be.

One of the biggest mistakes one can make while choosing the wheels is not thinking about the purpose of the scooter in advance. Make sure you keep in mind the type of surface your little adventurer will ride their scooter on.


Large and narrow wheels, for example, are great when dealing with unpaved roads. On the downside, these scooters are not very fast and maneuverable, so you will most likely be forced to do quite a decent amount of lifting.

Plastic wheels with rubber or rubber scooters with small wheels, on the other hand, are only suitable for smooth surfaces, but this is offset by the fact that one can easily accelerate the scooter.

As we mentioned already, the wheel width has a massive effect on the stability of a scooter. The wider the wheels, the more stable and slower the scooter turns out to be. 

3 wheels vs. 2 wheels

Going for a 3-wheeler or a “kickboard” allows you to obtain extra stability alongside the “axle steering”; this allows a child to lean their body to steer the kickboard. A 3-wheel scooter can stand on its own without the aid of a kickstand.

The 3-wheel design does not allow a child to make turns as sharp as on a 2-wheel one. This means the child will not be exposed to serious injuries, especially if they have not yet acquired any “advanced” skills.

2-wheel scooters, on the other hand, are way more flexible and faster, but this type of scooter requires the child to be able to balance on the footplate. If you feel your child is mature enough and has developed coordination skills, go for the 2-wheel model. 


It is crucial to make sure that the child meets the recommended age requirements of certain scooter models. Yet, we should never forget that each child is different in terms of weight, height, and physical capabilities. Still, although it is important to consider your child’s personal development. As a rule, parents looking for a scooter for 5 year olds or younger tend to go for the 3-wheel option while parents of 6+-year-old kids tend to choose 2-wheel scooters. So, on certain occasions, scooters recommend for children age 6-12 can be used for 5 or even 4-year-olds in case the kid is tall for their age and would benefit from moving on from a scooter with shorter handlebars.


A scooter should have at least one quality brake with a brake lever that fits the child’s hands. Both brakes and handles must be adjusted to put some space between them and the handlebars so that they can be reached comfortably.

Footboard length

The footboard length correlates with the total scooter length. Usually, the footboard should be at least one foot long.

A too wide footboard prevents pushing off and one that is too long reduces the agility of the scooter. The ideal length should reach up to 35 cm, while the width should be a little bit larger than the width of the child’s shoe. 

Make sure the footboard is equipped with anti-slip features to ensure safety while riding on slippery roads.

Quality and price

The price of a scooter comes anywhere from $10 to $700. There are plenty of affordable, durable scooters for under $100. These will mostly be the basic two-wheel scooters with no hand brakes, yet they will still be of great quality and stay with your kid for a very long time. Higher-end scooters, on the other hand, offer pro-level characteristics, including hand brakes, specially made tires, etc. Their cost also varies depending on the sort of extra feature you are looking for.

We tried our best to sum up the key aspects you should pay attention to while purchasing a scooter for your youngster. You could also read the reviews for a particular scooter online or ask for a “test drive” in the shop. At the end of the day, you want to make sure the scooter will keep your child safe and sound.


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