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How to choose the right ATV?

How to choose the right ATV?

Choosing the best off-road vehicle and accessories to tailor it to your needs is a tough call. There are many ATVs available on the market. In most cases, all these quads get tossed into the same “off-road vehicle” category, though speaking of their capabilities, they are designed to do different jobs.

Categories of ATVs

1. Youth models

They are designed for children under the age of 16. Generally, such models come with little or no suspension and an automatic transmission.

Age and engine size recommendation for a safe ATV operation.

Age of operatorATV engine size
6-10Under 70cc
16 and olderOver 90cc

Adult supervision is required when a child is operating the vehicle.

2. ATVs for beginners

These quads are perfect for people who have little to no experience in riding an off-road vehicle. They have a smaller engine size and are easier to operate than their bigger counterparts. Generally, 250cc ATVs are just right for adults getting ready for their first ride on a rough trail.

3. Utility ATVs

They can accomplish an astounding variety of jobs on the farm and are used for recreational purposes. Thanks to their exceptional hauling and towing qualities, these utility quads are also great for hunting. They are equipped with front and rear racks and come with a high ground clearance, which means the rider can easily tackle the most challenging trails. You can also improve your quad’s cargo capacity by installing an ATV front storage box.

4. Sport ATVs

They are faster than other ATVs and are designed for race tracks and speeding along dunes. Because of the inferior ground clearance, they can’t handle complex trails with lots of large obstacles. Sport quads are smaller and lighter, which makes it easier to manipulate them at high speeds and even do some stunts in midair. Engine sizes range from 250cc up to 1000cc.

5. Sport-utility ATVs

They combine the most essential features of two types of quads:

  • power and speed of sport ATVs,
  • suspension and towing capacities of utility quads.

All these features combined allow the rider to do heavy work around the farm and have much fun on the trails.

6. Two-seater ATVs

Such models are equipped with comfortable seats, which means both the rider and the passenger can get over lots of different obstacles without getting exhausted. Such quads have a removable rear seat and can transport significant amounts of load.

Based on what you expect of your quad, you can opt for the most suitable vehicle. It is also worth mentioning, no matter what model you go for, sooner or later you might want to enhance its capabilities by using accessories, such as a windshield, racks, bumpers, ATV storage boxes, and more.


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