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How to Choose the Right Automatic Sports Line Marking Machine

How to Choose the Right Automatic Sports Line Marking Machine

Lines are to be marked in almost every sport. From tennis and cricket to football and rugby, lines are being used for several purposes. This is where automatic sports line marking machines are being used. Given the demand, manufacturers have come up with different models to choose from. This has made it difficult to choose the right option. 

Fortunately, there are some ways in which customers can make the right choice. Customer reviews can be read as well to get a better idea. Nevertheless, here are some ways to choose the right automatic sports line marking machine:

  1. Type of line marking paint

Line marking paint counts a lot when making the decision. Each machine would be using a different line marking paint. This is why you need to select a machine with the right marking paint that would be suitable for your kind of sport. Take into consideration the type of paint being utilized by the machine. Some machines would be using water based paints while others might utilize specialized paints. 

  • Type of marking machine pumps

Moreover, line marking machines come with different types of pumps. This is why you need to make the right selection. Some machines would come with piston pumps while others would come with diaphragm pumps. Piston pumps are normally considered better within most of the users. These can be used if the volume of work is more. On the other hand, diaphragm can be used if the work is on a lighter note and less maintenance is needed. 

  • Accessories

Line marking machines do not come in isolation. There are a lot of accessories attached as well with it which would enhance the overall functionality of the machine. This is another important factor to take into account when making the decision. Glass bead dispenser is one of the accessories which may be in use. Hence, make sure the machine you choose comes with different accessories in order to get enhanced usability which would produce better results. 

  • Advanced capabilities

Given that the sport line marking machine is automatic, it comes with different capabilities. Therefore, choose a machine that comes with good capabilities. Some machines have the ability to record paint usage, meters sprayed, line thickness and other statistics that would help the user in many ways. More the capabilities are, more you will be able to achieve through the machine. Such features are ideal if you want to comply with any requirements imposed the regulations of particular sport. 

  • Brand

Machines come in different brands. As mentioned above, there are many brands that are manufacturing this machine. Therefore, you need to consider the quality of brand you are going to purchase. Get an idea about the advantages and disadvantages being offered by the brand in general. 

Even though this is not an exhaustive list, it contains most of the important factors that you must take into account before selecting any sports line marking automatic machine. 


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