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How to Choose The Right Cremation Urn? A Buyer’s Guide to Making the Right Purchase

How to Choose The Right Cremation Urn? A Buyer’s Guide to Making the Right Purchase

Losing someone close is always painful and difficult. Making arrangements for the funeral during such a delicate time may seem impossible, yet that is necessary to show respect to the departed soul. Picking out urns for the last rites can be a challenging task, especially since there is a uncountable number of designs and styles you can now pick from.

The style of the urn should match the theme of the memorial service and your personal choice. The urn should always help you remember the late family and friend. Here is an easy way to make the difficult decision:

How will you use the urn?

There are quite a few purposes an urn can serve. It can be a display urn, mini urn or cremation accessory and biodegradable urns for water and land burials. Many people even pick urns for scattering the ashes of the loved one, as per their last wishes. Some urns reside in the columbarium niche. First, you need to understand the needs of your memorial service. Once you know the type, selection of the urn becomes much easier.

Permanent cremation urns: these should be resistant to the tides of time. Bronze, marble, granite, stainless steel and brass are good choices. Wooden arms are also not bad if you reside in a dry region.

Biodegradable urns: mulberry bark, Himalayan rock salt, clay, coconut shell, wood, and bamboo are excellent choices for biodegradable urns. While choosing a painted design, make sure the colors are non-toxic.

For scattering ashes: these should be lightweight. Therefore water soluble urns, lightweight bamboo urns, paper scattering tubes and light wooden urns, which are easy to carry, are excellent choices for scattering ashes.

Which designs fit the occasion?

Although styles and themes for urns are endless, you should consider the beliefs of the dead, the values of the living and your aesthetics before buying an urn. Here are a few leading urn styles you can find in the funerals on the Gold Coast

  • Religious
  • Patriotic
  • Rustic
  • Hobby-base designs
  • Modern art and Avant-Garde
  • Traditional designs
  • Cloisonné
  • Engraved

Engraving a permanent urn with the details about the deceased makes a lot of sense. It is a beautiful way to commemorate the dead and pay your respects. You can either keep the engraved urn in the columbarium or inside your home. Just be sure the design is durable, and the quality of the urn does not allow the colors, engraving, and handiwork to fade.

Since more funeral homes have a limited selection of urns, you can always check out a vast collection of styles, themes, and prices online. Picking an urn online is one of the best ways to find the best designs for the best prices. It is going to be the final decision about the last resting place of your loved one. Finding an urn that you like will also help you cope with the sorrow of loss.


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