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How to Choose the Right Golf Ball for Your Golf Swing?

How to Choose the Right Golf Ball for Your Golf Swing?

There is no denial in the importance of choosing the right club for an ideal golfing experience. But many experts have suggested that putting your hands on the right golf ball is as important as other aspects. In fact, some golfers considered the most important consideration to take into account.

However, there is a wide variety to choose from. Due to the rapid developments in golf industry, we now have number of manufacturers producing best budget golf balls. This has made difficult for golfers to choose the best option.

If you are one of them who finds difficult in choosing the right golf ball for your golf swing, then consider the following tips below:

  1. Assess the game

Your skill level will have a significant impact on your decision regarding the golf ball. Since beginners tend to lose plenty of golf balls, there is no use of spending hundreds of dollars on them.

Beginners must go for balls with surlyn outer covers while experienced players can try balls with urethane covers. Urethane covers offer more grip and accuracy and generates more spin, however, they are relatively expensive.

Also know your swing speed and the control you have on the ball. This will help you to make better decisions.

  1. Prioritize the importance

Once your skill level is determined, look into the areas you need help with. Some players have problems with direction while others may need a ball to get more distance. Golfers who are considering more control on the greenside, must choose a urethane covered ball featuring three piece. A medium to low cover hardness would provide better spin compared to other options. However, a low swing speed can be acquired with a softer ball. Three piece ionomer-covered golf balls are ideal for better side spin.

  1. Ball speed vs ball backspin

Backspin can give ball the lift to help ball stay in air longer. The more backspin you have, longer the ball stays in air and more distance you will get from it. A low club head-speed will be acquired by increasing the backspin.

Hook shot can be achieved when draw-spin overpowers the backspin. That means a call with better backspin can give better accuracy.

  1. Different balls must be tried under different conditions

The best way to get the right ball is try it under different conditions and know how it feels. It is advisable to try different kinds of balls. Rather than buying the same kind of ball in greater quantity, buy few different types and know about how each of it works.

Take different balls for test drive and see how they react with different shots to get a sense which one must be used in what circumstance. Many golfers also utilize the monitor technology to get the right ball.

Given the difficulties golfer face in getting the right ball, here were some tips that must be taken into account before selecting the best option. Conduct some research on the Internet and get your hands on good options.


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