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How to choose the right grill?

How to choose the right grill?

Bright sun and fresh air, a cheerful company of family and friends, aromas of delicious dishes. Meat or fish with a delicious crust, roasted vegetables, and bread. How can you imagine a picnic without all this? All this can be cooked on the grill. The essence of cooking on the grill is to fry without dishes, on a metal grate. This method is ideal for a country holiday.

Cooking on the grill is easy and convenient, dishes can be more diverse, and their taste will definitely please you. If you are a fan of crispy crust but do not eat fried foods because of their caloric content, then you can easily afford grilled dishes, since they do not need oil to cook, which means that their caloric content is noticeably reduced. It remains only to make the right choice, giving preference to the grill, which will make cooking as comfortable as possible, and dishes – delicious. In the USA, you can buy gas grills and coal grills presented by such world-famous brands as Big Green Egg, Broil King, Nilsen, ENDERS, Swiss Grill, and a number of others, all information about all kinds of grill you can find on it’s very popular grills related website, choose only the best for you.

When choosing a grill, first of all, focus on the size you need, ease of transportation, and fuel. Give preference to the grill of the highest power, this will allow you to quickly fry the meat, leaving it juicy. The spherical and egg-shaped shape of the closed grill also reduces cooking time, creating the effect of cooking in a pot with a lid. It is best to choose cast-iron grilles that are not subject to deformation and maintain a uniform temperature over the entire area. The grill must be stable, so the design on wheels should not be used on uneven surfaces.

Finally, it is extremely important to choose the right type of grill. Today, there are a huge number of varieties of this useful device – gas, coal, wood and electric grills, grill pans, stationary and portable grills, open and closed types. An electric grill, of course, can not be taken anywhere in nature, but it will perfectly cope with its tasks in a well-maintained country house or city apartment. Cooking on gas is fast, convenient, and eco-friendly. This applies to both conventional stoves and grills. The answer to the question of which grill is better will depend on the conditions in which you are going to cook.

Grill for cottages (country houses). Gas, coal or wood-fired grills, mobile or stationary-the best choice for a country holiday.

The charcoal grill is a time – tested classic. Our distant ancestors used to roast meat on hot coals. Since then, technology has taken a step forward, but the taste of juicy meat soaked in smoke remains the same favorite.

A wood-burning grill is a convenient option for a courtyard or gazebo. A wood-burning grill is a massive stationary structure that looks like a regular wood-burning stove. For ease of movement, some models are equipped with wheels.

Apartment grill-the easiest way to choose a home grill is based on its size. For use in a small apartment, a grill pan or a compact electric grill is suitable. The undoubted advantage of such a grill is the presence of a timer and a temperature controller. If the size of the kitchen allows, and you really like to cook, it may make sense to buy a built-in gas grill, a grill for a large company.

A portable stable gas or charcoal grill is ideal for outdoor trips.

Grill for restaurant – mostly for restaurants chooses industrial gas grills built-in type. We also recommend that you pay attention to the fact that it is possible to purchase a grill through online stores. This allows you to quickly compare prices and characteristics, save time, and get the desired product with home delivery.


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