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How to Choose the Right Size When Buying Shoes Online



Did you know that the average male shoe size in the United States is between 9 and 12? No matter what your shoe size is, you will need to do quite a lot of research to make sure that you choose the correct size when buying shoes online. It might seem easy to do this at first.

All you need to do is choose the option that matches your usual shoe size. But is it this easy? In some cases, finding a shoe that fits right when buying online can be pretty tricky. Keep reading and learn more about how to buy shoes online and ensure they do your foot size.

Find the Size of Your Foot

While it might sound surprising, many people don’t know the actual size of their feet. Instead, they might randomly choose a shoe size and find that the shoes fit well enough. However, all sorts of bad things can happen if you’re wearing the wrong size shoes for your feet.

For example, if your shoes are always a little too large, the rubbing of the shoes against your feet can cause rashes or blisters. This especially happens along the backs of the heels and around the toes. If your shoes are always a bit too small, on the other hand, your feet might hurt you all the time.

You may even get bunions from the way you force your toes into an unnatural position. This is especially true with shoes that have pointed-toe boxes. Too tight shoes can also constrict your feet and make them sweat more than usual, which, in turn, will slowly ruin the shoe’s fabric.

However, a shoe that fits your feet will hug your feet and keep them comfortable even if you’re walking miles in them. But how can you know what shoe size you wear? Fortunately, it’s easy to measure your feet all on your own.

How to Measure Your Feet

First, place a piece of paper on a flat, hard surface like a tile or wood floor. Then, place your foot in the center of the piece of paper and outline your foot using a pen or pencil. Try to trace as closely to your foot as possible for the most accurate shape.

Once that’s done, grab a straight ruler or tape measure and measure the length of your foot, starting from the heel to the tip of the longest toe. Write down the length of your foot, and then look up a shoe size chart to match your measurements to particular shoe size. For example, if your foot is only 8.75 inches long, you will wear a US size 6.

You may have to do additional measuring if you have unusually wide or narrow feet. That way, you can match all these measurements to a shoe size chart and finally find the right size for your foot. Then, you can buy online shoes (shop for more here).

Choosing the Right Size When Buying Shoes Online

You might think that once you find your actual shoe size, it should be easy to buy shoes online, but this is not always the case. When you buy tennis shoes online, you won’t have the chance to put them on, walk around, and find out if they feel comfortable or uncomfortable. This is a significant downside of buying shoes online.

Does this mean that you shouldn’t bother with buying online shoes at all? Not necessarily. You will have to do more research when buying running shoes online. Otherwise, you might receive a shipment of shoes that don’t fit.

First, double-check to see if the website you’re buying from doesn’t have its size chart. Some shoe brands have size charts that are slightly different from other brands. If you don’t look closely at these size charts, you might buy the wrong size shoe for that brand.

Shoe Size Tips

You will also want to check the width of shoes from different brands. Some brands will run a bit narrow.

If you have feet on the broader side, this will be a problem and you might have to deal with the frustration of returning shoes that don’t fit. Another good tip is to look at the customer reviews for different shoe brands.

If you see many previous customers complaining that a particular shoe runs small, it might be a good idea to size up. It is always better for a shoe to be too big than too small. That way, you can put in some insoles or something else to fill in the extra space in the shoe.

If you have bought a pair of shoes from a brand you plan to buy again, analyze how your current shoes fit. If the fit is satisfactory, order the same shoe size you did last time. If not, then account for the difference in size and size up or down accordingly.

How to Buy Shoes Online That Fit

Buying shoes online doesn’t have to be impossible or frustrating, but you must consider a few different factors first. For example, you should measure your feet to determine your shoe size. Then, when browsing other shoe brands, check the sites for shoe size charts.

Finally, remember how narrow or broad your foot is when buying shoes. To learn more, check out the other blogs on our website.



The Perfect Travel and Summer Sandal



Ipanema sandals are based in Brazil, and the sandal is named after one of the most famous beaches worldwide. Ipanema sandals are made with a durable Flexpand 100% recyclable plastic and use at least 30% recycled materials, while 99% of all factory waste is recycled or reused.

I Turkey this summer. Last year I really needed a sandal that looked great but handled well in water. Have you ever notice that a lot of summer shoes slip and slide when it rains? Also the beaches of the Mediterian  They take up no room in suitcase or a purse, are incredibly light being that they are all made of rubber. It feels like you are wearing nothing at all, yet are sturdy. These are perfect and you will not need another pair of sandals for anything.

I got the Ipanema Women’s Class Edge Glow Sandals ($32). The Ipanema Shimmer sandals are so soft, and feel great. They are silent when you walk in them, with no noise on the ground and no noise of anything hitting your foot. They also have a section on top that connects to the band around your ankle; this is the shimmer part. The strap is adjustable and o nce adjusted you do not need to undo it each time, making them very easy to slip on since the material is so stretchy.

I will definitely be ordering more.

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The Sweetest Mother’s Day Gifts



This Mother’s Day there are so many sweet ways to show you love her. Some of our favorite treats are on sale now.

M&M’s Mom Dispenser

Create personalized M&M’S chocolate candies to fill this dispenser for Mom’s birthday or Mother’s Day.

Your customized treats will be delivered by the handful with every twist of the turnkey.

The taste is the tried and true that you always love. With bright colors and fun prints, Mom will love everything about this treat. It’s a perfect gift with a keepsake candy dispenser that can be used again and again. Truly the gift that keeps giving.

Ethel M Chocolates 5-Piece Truffle Sampler

Truffles are always the answer! Our favorite flavors are now available in a NEW 5-piece Sampler Collection. Creamy, rich ganache filling is expertly coated by gourmet dark, milk or white chocolate shells. Made in the traditional style from a cream and butter-based chocolate ganache, each exquisite chocolate gem offers an exploration of flavor in every bite. 

Happy Mother’s Day!


Cover art by Zoe Schaeffer on Unsplash




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M is for the. . . 



Many ways you can show your mother, or the mother of your children, or anyone who is like a mother to you, just how much you appreciate and love them. Here are a few suggestions that will make you the hero of Mother’s Day! 

Back by popular demand is Jessica Sherr in her sold-out one-woman show entitled Bette Davis Ain’t for Sissies.  Sherr is a joy to watch as she reveals faces of this legendary actress you’ve never seen—her disappointments, her sorrows. 

Her characterization is so spot on that you’ll want to hug her when Bette is hurt and cheer for her when she’s on top of the world. Sherr’s ability to convey the mercurial nature of this iconic star is a marvel to behold.   

Don’t miss her this time around—it’s a real tour de force performance and one every mother will love. Sherr will be performing this well-written and gorgeously performed piece at the Triad on West 72nd Street on May 15 only.   If you’re in a sentimental mood this year, you’re invited to an Unveiling of The Baby Promise, An Elegant Collection of Mother’s Promise Rings, by Shana Farr on Thursday, May 9th from 5 – 7 pm at The Players, 16 Gramercy Park South. You may recognize Shana from her many cabaret appearances both here and abroad. Not only is she an accomplished actress and singer, but a mother and accomplished jewelry designer as well.   

Shana and Austin

What is the Baby Promise? It’s a vow she wrote when her son, Austin, was born and it lovingly expresses what every mother wishes for her child, and for herself, but never fully articulates. The complete version is available in a book she wrote of the same name, featuring artwork by–who else?–Austin. The Baby Promise Ring is a reminder of that sacred bond between a mother and child, exquisitely executed and available through Amazon.  Check it out at   

The ring is the quintessential way to express gratitude to the mother of your children; it comes with a copy of the book and is a perfect gift for any expectant mother.   

John Bolton

John Bolton

And if the lady you wish to honor is a fan of road trips, take her to the Bucks County Playhouse in Doylestown, PA for Noises Off, starring John Bolton.  It’s a quick ride from New York by car, with lots of interesting see there, like the Hammerstein home Highland Farms, or the shops in nearby Lambertville. Lots of fresh produce is available from roadside farmers. Or go in the other direction up to the Goodspeed Opera House in Connecticut, about two hours from the city. There you’ll have your choice of The Mystery of Edwin Drood starring Lenny Wolpe or A Complicated Woman with Klea Blackhurst.  You can’t miss! 

And if you insist on staying close to home, Lucky Stiff  by Flaherty & Ahrens is being brought to us by J2 Spotlight performing on West 45th Street. You can take her on Mother’s Day for the 3 pm matinee.    

As for me, my son and I play to celebrate by singing along to our favorite Broadway CDs while we play Scrabble. I just hope he lets me win at least once. 

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Bonnie Comley, ART TO WARE and ChaShaMa Present Nothing to Wear



Until April 30th Bonnie Comley, ART TO WARE and ChaShaMa Present Nothing to Wear in Port Authority’s 41st Street building.

Bonnie Comley and Anita Durst

Bonnie is a three-time Tony Award-winning producer. She has, also, won an Olivier Award and two Drama Desk Awards for her stage productions. She is on the Board President of The Drama League as well as a full member of The Broadway League and the Audience Engagement and Education Committee.

Nothing to Wear

Comley has produced over 40 films, winning five Telly Awards and one W3 Award. She is the founder and CEO of BroadwayHD, the world’s premier online streaming platform delivering over 300 premium live productions to theatre fans globally. Now she is an artist presenting her work at ART TO WARE (A2W) a wearable Art Gallery that curates up-cycled, hand-made, one-of-a-kind statement pieces to be seen, loved and taken home!

Bonnie Comley and Lelie Ware

Founded in 2021 by Lesley Ware, this Black-owned and women-run small business carries small-batch, socially conscious, up-cycled, and locally-made wearables and gifts. A2W curates an environment of creativity, acceptance, and collaboration within a dynamic retail setting that showcases the work of artists, designers, and creative visionaries.

Making this all happen is ChaShaMa and Anita Durst who helps create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive world by partnering with property owners to transform unused real estate. Currently, they present 150 events a year, have workspace for 120 artists, and have developed 80 workshops in under served communities. They award 11 million worth of real estate to artists, subsidizes 300 artist work spaces, provide over 215 free art classes, gives 200 artists free space to present and upport over 75 businesses with free space.

Nothing to Wear is a provocative look at our relationship with our clothing choices as it pertains to our self image, fast fashion and textile waste. It challenges the fashion industry to create an alternative to current business models and the global appetite for consumption and asks viewers to question dress codes like the current policing of women in political office.

Jose Febrillet from Port Authority



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FAO Schwarz Launches Teddy Bear for enCourage Kids Fundraising



This is the cuddly gift that keeps giving.

FAO’s flagship store in the heart of New York City has launched the sale of a new look on Teddy with an enCourage Kids’ partnership. The high-quality plush toy is for the Send a Smile, Send a Bear program. Right now, Teddy is on sale at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Teddy will soon be able to help even more pediatric patients navigate the stress of treatment, illness, and hospitalization. The program also delivers stuffed animal bears to hospital partners nationwide to help pediatric patients navigate the stress of treatment, illness, and hospitalization.

FAO’s motto is to be a source of wonder for each new generation, along with being a relentless supporter of quality and innovation in the life of every child. enCourage Kids envision a world where every child experience joy, hope and emotional healing along their medical journey. Together, we look forward to providing each child with this Bear, the ultimate symbol of hope, strength and courage.

Since 1985, enCourage Kids Foundation has helped humanize healthcare for children and their families by resourcing impact-driven pediatric programs and supporting the child life community. Serving more than one million children annually, enCourage Kids is focused on making hospitals a better place to get better.


Photos by Mychal Watts

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